Tweeting #StationsoftheCross with #B16


I’m not sure Cardinal Ratzinger would have ever envisioned this happening … how I spent some of my #StationsoftheCross time on Twitter Friday: First station. Jesus is condemned to death. #StationsoftheCross @marysshrine — Kathryn Jean Lopez (@kathrynlopez) March 20, 2015 Lord,help us 2 acknowledge your face in the lowly&the outcast #StationsoftheCross @marysshrine — [Read More...]

Tweeting #StationsoftheCross During #Lent


I wasn’t online the whole time, but it was very neat to see people from around the country and the world tweeting #Stations of the Cross during 4-6 EST on Friday. Look, #GleeFinale still came closer to winning the week on Twitter, but I think it was good for us to be there with #StationsoftheCross. [Read More...]

Tweet #StationsoftheCross 4-6 Today


So a @SrMaryK in Lincoln Nebraska who tweets had the idea that we start tweeting #StationsoftheCross on Fridays in Lent. (I met her when Catholic Voices USA went out there last year.) She’d love to make it trend. I don’t do campaigns, but I think it is a worthy idea. Share a little of parish [Read More...]

A Friday Reflection on Division and Weakness


Last night, I was on Relevant Radio for a bit with Fr. Steve Grunow from Word on Fire with host Sheila Liaugminas. We talked largely about St. Joseph and Pope Francis and the upcoming year of mercy. (Some of my thoughts on the latter are included in this Catholic News Agency piece.) I live-tweeted some [Read More...]

St. Joseph Links Today! — UPDATED: 20 Things About St. Joseph that Caught My Eye on His Feast Day, 2015


1. Today is the feast of St. Joseph. A blessed solemnity. A tremendous day. A celebration of a man who trusted in God so completely. On a morning #StJoseph mini pilgrimage earlier, I prayed here for every man who follows me on Twitter, or are readers — Kathryn Jean Lopez (@kathrynlopez) March 19, 2015 [Read More...]

‘There is a difference between martyrs and leprechauns.’


In a day of martyrdom, a sobering reflection from Fr. George Rutler, from his parish bulletin at St. Michael‘s in midtown Manhattan this week: Maewyn Succat did not have an easy time embracing the Faith. Although his father Calpurnius was a deacon, Maewyn indulged a spirited youthful rebellion against what he had been taught, and [Read More...]

Ten Catholics Things that Caught My Eye on St. Patrick’s Day 2015 (Upped to 14 around midday)


1. The Liturgy of the Hours today says “Saint Patrick may be commemorated.” This is New York from which I write, Saint Patrick will be commemorated. Inside @stpatsnyc there will be a full schedule of Masses for #StPatricksDay — Kathryn Jean Lopez (@kathrynlopez) March 16, 2015 The rector of St. Patrick’s Cathedral said after [Read More...]

Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day 2015) + 1


1. Courage! The devil entices us to give into our fears so that we can later be driven to despair by regrets. — FrSteveGrunow (@FrSteveGrunow) March 15, 2015 2. Origen, from the Liturgy of the Hours today: You are never to walk in darkness; the great and final day is not to enfold you in [Read More...]