Meet Jose, a Catholic Voice for Freedom


Jose Mena just graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Molecular Biology. Like Domenick, Melissa, Addie, Matthew, Allison, Mark he is a volunteer with the first class of Catholic Voices USA. What does the Fortnight mean to you? The Fortnight is on its face an effort to protect religious freedom against several measures that [Read More...]

Free Men, to Serve God & Man


This morning’s reflection in Magnificat magazine, that great daily reliable resource for the soul, comes from Dignitatis Humanae, Vatican Council II’s declaration on religious freedom: The religious acts whereby men, in private and in public and out of a sense of personal conviction, direct their lives to God transcend by their very nature the order [Read More...]

Meet Matthew, a Catholic Voice for Freedom


Matthew Dugandzic, whose birthday is today, is a New York native and volunteer with Catholic Voices USA. He talks about how and why this Fortnight for Freedom that culminates in Independence Day is significant. What does the Fortnight mean to you? To me, the Fortnight is an exciting opportunity for us to stand up as [Read More...]

Meet Addie, a Catholic Voice for Freedom


Addie Darling just graduated from Princeton University and speaks a countercultural message of joy and authentic femininity as a Catholic Voice. Like Melissa, Domenick, Allison, and Mark, Addie speaks about the Fortnight for Freedom and why this is an important moment for the United States and for Catholics to raise their voices. What does the [Read More...]

Tom Cruise & Us

"Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" U.S. Premiere - After Party

An old friend of mine just pointed out that at least two of Tom Cruise’s wives have been Catholic at least at some point in their lives. This is true, too, of Cruise, if quick Google searches are to be believed. In fact, if Wikipedia is to be believed (big if), he even wanted to [Read More...]

Meet Mark, A Catholic Voice for Freedom


Mark O’Neill served in Afghanistan in the U.S. Army and continues his service as a Catholic Voice, helping to make the case for the Church in the public square. What does the Fortnight mean to you? The Fortnight is an opportunity to pause and reflect on our heritage of religious freedom here in the United [Read More...]

‘All of Us … Are Called to Sanctity’

Speaking of Saint Josemaria Escriva on his feast day this past week, Timothy Cardinal Dolan talked about Escriva and his message of universal sanctification. Cardinal Dolan said, in part: The universal call to holiness is perhaps his greatest legacy. That all of us baptized members of his Church who consider ourselves to be redeemed by [Read More...]

Saving Lives with Love & Compassion

I was just preparing for a panel at the National Right to Life Committee annual convention today and was rereading this exchange I had recently with Austen Ivereigh, author of How to Defend the Church Without Raising Your Voice (and co-founder of Catholic Voices, which I have mentioned once or twice). I think it is [Read More...]