Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (Feb. 26, 2015)

1. Let's pray for our brothers & sisters. Turkish border closed as #Christian hostages in #Syria spike to 250 #IS http://t.co/YIW4JXPM9b— Fr. James Bromwich (@NeriInstitute) February 26, 20152. Bishop James Conley writes:I visited the same Turkish cathedral, the Cathedral of … [Read More...]

Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (Feb. 25, 2015)

1. Don’t be superficial about prayer.2. Sr. Wendy Beckett has the “Meditation of the Day” slot in Magnificat today (subscribe here). She writes like an artist – and a hermit (she happens to be both!): That loveless slum you see in yourself is quite truly you—I won’t pretend otherwise, but it i … [Read More...]


Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (1st Tues. in Lent, 2015)

1. The fundamental purpose and goal of #Lent is to be restored to the person God created us to be at our Baptism.— Bishop Paul Loverde (@Bishop_Loverde) February 23, 20152. From St. Cyprian in the prayer of the Church today:The Lord has given us many counsels and commandments to help … [Read More...]


Twelve Catholic Things that Caught My Eye on St. Polycarp Day (2015)

1. Becoming Holy Like God Through the Perfection of Love for God and the Needy -- homily notes and audio from Fr. Roger Landry (whose birthday is today) for the First Monday in Lent. It’s a bit of an examination of conscience. Some examples (bold added):• When we see someone who’s hungry or th … [Read More...]


Seven Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (Second Day of Lent, 2015)

1. From a sermon by Saint Leo the Great in the prayer of the Church today:Dear friends, what the Christian should be doing at all times should be done now with greater care and devotion, so that the Lenten fast enjoined by the apostles may be fulfilled, not simply by abstinence from food but … [Read More...]


20 Lenten Things that Caught My Eye Today (Ash Wednesday, 2015)

1. Why Lent?2. You are what you eat. Eucharistic edition with @CookingPriest:3. It’s more than WWJD.4. "Rend your hearts, not your garments" (Jl 2:13a) #Lent http://t.co/STFywlIePt— Dynamic Catholic (@DynamicCatholic) February 18, 20155. Three year-old B … [Read More...]

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#Lent via Radio & Twitter Spiritual Direction?

Tuesday night, I spent an hour preparing for Lent on Sheila Liaugminas’s Relevant Radio show, A Closer Look, with Fr. Steve Grunow. We try to do this semi-regularly – we’ve got a great dynamic that I can only attribute to life in the Trinity. I can’t pretend to excel on that front, but during these h … [Read More...]


Ash Wednesday in #HomilyTweet — Seven that Caught My Eye Today

1. Pope Francis: Only the Lord can save from the scourge, and so there is need of supplication, with prayer and fasting, each confessing his sin.2. "Let's get cracking, Lent has begun!" - Cardinal Seán O"Malley OFM Cap. homily given today during Ash Wednesday... … [Read More...]


Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye on Valentine’s Day 2015

1. True love hurts.2. "What is missing in the people who think the Rosary is monotonous is love." | Sr. Lucia of Fatima | #dailyeSpiration pic.twitter.com/IK4gewkEs3— Steubenville (@go2steubenville) February 14, 20153. From Magnificat’s meditation today:As long as a s … [Read More...]


13 Catholic Things on Friday the 13th

1. Why Dominicans love Jordan of Saxony so much. #OPPower2. Jordan, Blessed Albert & the #DamnedDevil.3. Speaking of Dominicans: There is a Martin Luther Playmobil selling like hotcakes. (More than 95 even?) How about a Thomas Aquinas? (Actually: I bet St. Francis would totally … [Read More...]