When the Rod Must Smash the iPod


You may have guessed that I am a proponent of making use of new technology to tell the Good News. But sometimes the new technology can get the best of us. Become a distraction. An obstacle. There are always warning signs. In his Sunday bulletin this weekend, Father George W. Rutler cautions (and empowers): A [Read More...]

He Blesses Us


I took this photo today at St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome today: The image is made manifest to this very day, as we celebrate the first anniversary of the beatification of Blessed John Paul II. A year ago today, the current pope said: Throughout the long journey of preparation for the great Jubilee [Read More...]

The Kids in Congress’s Backyard

John Boehner has demonstrated a commitment to them. The Speaker’s social-justice project – one of them, closest to his heart – is some of poorest children in the city, served by the Consortium of Catholic Academies. Tonight in Washington, D.C., he will be headlining a fundraiser for the Paula Nowakowski Scholars Fund with the Consortium [Read More...]

‘Catholic identity is a priority.’

Teach the children well, was the Sunday message from Fifth Avenue. From Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s homily: there is no more tried-and-true way of passing on our Catholic faith to our kids than by sacrificing to put them in a Catholic school. Data proves they persevere in the faith at higher rates, pray better, are more [Read More...]

‘He Always Has His Arms Outstretched to Me’

Oh my goodness, you want to watch this child: May we all pray with the open heart of a child! [Read more...]

Where Were These People When I Was Running for President?


The question had to be going through my friend Rick Santorum’s mind last week as he was cheered at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.: Where were these people when I was running for president? Where were the Catholics when he was running for the Republican nomination for president? As I would say [Read More...]

Enter In

From Father George W. Rutler’s bulletin column (which you can receive in your inbox weekly): Elderly people often think that some of their recollections are unimportant in the grand scheme of things. With the Titanic anniversary still vivid, there are eyewitness accounts of three priests giving general absolution: Juozas Montvila of Lithuania, Josef Benedikt Peruschitz of [Read More...]


By the way, I was hanging out with one of the coolest women in Washington yesterday: Deidre Byrne, Army colonel, surgeon, and religious sister. (At that breakfast that did not quite make the news.) She has written: My father was a busy thoracic surgeon but still made it a priority to attend Mass every day [Read More...]