THE PRINCE OF PEACE – He’s Still Knocking, But Is Anyone at the U.N. Listening?

My mother was not an art aficionado.  Perhaps I’ve forgotten—but aside from a crucifix and some First Communion photos of us kids, I don’t remember anything distinctive gracing the walls in our 1950s bungalow. But then came the Cuban Missile Crisis.  In October 1962, during the Cold War, the Cuban and Soviet governments began to surreptitiously build bases in Cuba for a number of medium-range and intermediate-range ballistic nuclear missiles, with the ability to strike most of the continental U … [Read more...]

LUTHER’S BONFIRE: A Conflagration of Ideas

Libraries are full of ordinary books stuffed with mediocre stories.  Mind candy, daytime soap operas in paper and ink, they titillate the imagination but are soon abandoned on the cranial cutting room floor. But every so often, one encounters an idea or a string of ideas—like pearls on a choker—stated with such profundity that they catapult across one’s cerebellum, knocking lesser theses off their comfortable perches, crashing into misconceptions, and inciting a riot of reevaluation. Such an … [Read more...]


At the time of Christ, it was decidedly uncool for a young Jewish girl to take up with a Greek guy.  It was so uncool, in fact, that when a Jewish maiden named Eunice married a Greek, the offspring from their union—whom they named Timothy—was considered by the Jewish community to be illegitimate. It’s understandable, then, that this small cast-off lad, rejected by the community, would be painfully shy.  The poor guy was given to digestive problems, too.  St. Paul, in writing to him, once said … [Read more...]