An Exercise in Humility

Things were going just too well.

I’d had a fairly productive day in the office.  My new haircut was perky, with just the right attitude.  My most recent blog post had been picked up by the New Advent supersite, and I was watching the stats climb—hundreds of readers, over a thousand, still more….

So I needed a reality check.

I popped into Mass this evening, chatted with a few parishioners, then took my seat in the fourth row.  It wasn’t until I sat to listen to the homily that I saw this:

One black Italian leather pump, pointed toe, leather rose.  One grey strappy flat, round toe.

Oh, I am such a class act!

  • Deacon Mike Brainerd

    And they go so well with your socks too.

  • Heather Siekierski

    Sometimes when we get a little too into our successes, God needs to pull us back just a bit. Cute shoes, where you get them?

    • Kathy Schiffer

      Nordstrom’s Rack: Awesome shoes at bargain prices.

  • Diane

    I did that years ago at work with a pair of dress shoes – one was blue and the other black. I saw it through the corner of my eye when I got into the flourescent lights at work, and so did others – LOL

  • Theresa Henderson

    Oh I love it ! For me its my clogs… I bought each a black, blue and brown pairs at $9 each. After wearing the brown and blue mixed to church one day, i am very careful to make sure which i dig out of the shoe box in the morning.

  • Cindy O

    I know the feeling, even though it has been many years. I once wore two different shoes to work (school) and had to stand in front of fourth and fifth graders with my mismatch. Similar to your mismatch, my shoes were not even close in color or style. The kids didn’t say anything. When I finally asked if anyone had noticed, two or three admitted they had, but had not wanted to say anything. The adults were not as polite. A fellow teacher made a before- school announcement for staff members to visit my room and check out my footwear. I even had to go out for recess duty like that! I learned to never put my shoes on in the dark.

    • Kathy Schiffer

      But you didn’t catch me last night, did you!? That’s why I ducked out early. :-)