Harold Camping Eats Humble Pie, Admits That God Is in Control

“We have learned the very painful lesson that all of creation is in God’s hands and he will end time in his time, not ours!”

With that statement published this week on the website of California-based Family Radio, ministry president Harold Camping admitted that he was wrong, and that his prediction that the world would end last May 21—and his revised prediction, changing the date of Armageddon to October 21—were “incorrect and sinful.”

The radio evangelist originally intended to mail his letter of apology to his many followers; but when it was leaked online, he quickly posted it on the ministry’s website “to avoid confusion.”  Despite public interest in another, future date, this time Camping seems to have learned his lesson.  He is no longer interested in predicting the world’s end, instead citing the biblical admonition that “no man knows the date or the hour.”

I wrote about Camping and his ominous predictions last year. I explained his story, and explained those date-setters’ terms which are so confusing and unfamiliar to Catholics:  pre-millennialism, post-millennialism, and amillennialism.  Check it out.

  • Rudy

    Harold Camping is to fundamentalist Christianity what Al Gore is to the environmentalist left: nut cases parading as something else.

  • naturgesetz

    The letter on the website you linked is about as complete a retraction as one could make, with Harold Camping confessing that it was sinful — his own word — for him to proclaim a date for the Lord’s return, declaring that he will no longer look for any indication of when it will be, and acknowledging that those who quoted the verses that say no one knows the day or hour of Christ’s return against him were right and he was wrong. It is certainly good that he is humble enough to admit all this publicly.