Lent Is Ending. I Have Failed.

So here we are in the home stretch. The six weeks of Lent, during which I was going to become a new creation, are winding down. Christ is in the tomb, and we look to His rising on Sunday morning.

I have failed. Again.

I was going to pray more; but too many evenings, I communed with the TV or the computer instead.

I was going to fast from sweets and overcome my love affair with processed foods; I gained a few pounds, instead.

I was going to work harder, focus on my responsibilities, maximize my God-given talents; instead, I often dawdled before getting down to business.

I was going to reach out in love to everyone I met, to wear out my smile by constant use; but sometimes I was reclusive, sometimes I was downright moody.

I was going to attend Mass more often. Nope, didn’t happen.

I was going to get involved in 40 Days for Life.

I was going to better serve my husband by cooking better meals, cleaning the fridge, complaining less.

I was going to join my husband in praying Evening Prayer.

Nope, nope, and nope.

What have I learned this Lent? Well, I was reminded that I am completely, totally reliant on Him. I failed, but He has succeeded.

Christ is victorious; and with His help, I can work on those things for the rest of the year. Starting today.

  • http://biblebasedart.com Theresa Henderson

    Kathy, I understand. This Lent has been the absolutely hardest one ever for me to pray my rosary! I’ve never had to many distractions! But this whole Lent my heart keeps singing and singing and singing about God’s love, I open the back door in the morning and hear a few birds stir in the bushes when I turn on the back light. And that starts my morning song to God. He has filled me with such a joy, that where in the past i would almost grieve for having missed a rosary, I find instead an opportunity to say yet another Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be no matter what i’m doing.

    I’d never said prayers while washing my hair before! hehehehehehe “How can I keep from singing…”