Happy Birthday, Archie Bunker!

Carroll O’Connor, American actor best known for his role as bigoted working man Archie Bunker in Norman Lear’s ’70s pop hit “All In The Family,” was born on August 2, 1924.

Archie’s deadpan comedy mocked racism, religion and the political unrest of the time.  Juxtaposed against his liberal son-in-law Mike (Rob Reiner), Archie’s diatribes explored complex social issues.

In tribute to Archie (and to O’Connor), here’s Archie’s classic discussion of “Christian vs. Catholic.”

  • Kevin Orlin Johnson

    I’ve always remembered a line from that episode: Bernard Hughes at one point says to O’Connor, “As the Good Book says, ‘Go from the one in whom you see not the lips of wisdom.’” “What da hell does dat mean?” O’Connor says. “Don’t waste your time arguing with an idiot.” Hughes says.

    It’s not in my Bible, either, but I still cite it sometimes.

  • Sue from Buffalo

    This is especially funny as Carroll O’Connor was Catholic. :)

  • Sue from Buffalo

    Kevin, it’s not an exact translation but it’s from Proverbs 14:7.