The Axolotl. Another Example of God’s Wonderful Creation.

Now I ask you, Isn’t this little guy charming?

This is an axolotl—a salamander originating from Mexico’s Lake Xochimilco.  Closely related to the tiger salamander, the axolotl is neotenic; that is, even as a mature animal it retains characteristics of youth.  In the case of the axolotl, neotony means it doesn’t undergo metamorphosis, so the adults remain aquatic and gilled.

How did I first hear about this winsome and nearly extinct species?  Well, our pastor has two of them as pets.  He’s named them Jack and Jerry, after his two deacons.  (And yep, I’m married to one of those deacons.)


  • votermom

    It looks like it stepped out of a Japanese anime cartoon. Wow.

  • Mary Jane Habza

    Just what this world needs, an animal that smiles all the time!

  • Theodore Seeber

    How to end Mexico’s reliance on the drug trade: Axolotl breeding farms! They could sell a billion easy in Southeast Asia…..

    • Dexter Pinion

      Well… Theodore … I almost feel guilty to give you some bad news … The Chinese are already breeding enough of them to keep the price at about $2/juvenile axolotl and less than 5 bucks for mature ones.. There are probably more of these little Mexicans animating the Chinese riparia than there are left in the animal’s native habitat.

      Perhaps god could do something about the current living conditions about this creature!