Glenn Beck Loses Voice, Delivers a Silent Message of Love, Hope, Repentance

Glenn Beck has lost his voice—and strengthened his vision.

FoxNews’ popular conservative radio and television talk show host has recently learned that his vocal chords are temporarily paralyzed, leaving him unable to speak.  Doctors expect that the condition will come and go; but Beck expects to regain his voice soon.  For now, unable to voice his thoughts on Monday’s show, he resorted to using black and red markers to tell his viewers what he wanted to say.

And it was powerful!

Estimating that he had said roughly 89 million words on the air since the show began in 1979, Beck wondered how many of those words were really important, really meaningful, really worth saying.

And what, he pondered, would he want to say when he regains the ability to speak?

Using note cards and music, Beck delivered a moving monologue—without saying a single word.  He talked about Family and School and Job and Church, about God, about Honor and Courage and Love.  He reflected on how much he had changed in the years since the broadcast first aired.

And he posed a question for us all:  “If today was the last day you had a voice, what would you say?”

Take a few minutes and watch this emotional and thoughtful wordless monologue via TheBlaze TV.  Bring Kleenex.

  • Becci


    Know that we are praying for you. Your voice in this messed up world is of truth and hope. Please know that what you do is important to many. Take this time to let the Sprit of the Lord heal you and let it be a time that you hear The Lord in a time of silence. It reminds me of the verse Be Still and know that I Am God. I see this as a Blessing for you and for all of us that listen to you . Sometimes we don’t know what we have so it might be that the Lord wants your listeners to understand that yours cant be the only voice that we all need to do our part and to not just leave it all on you. May the Lord Bless You and your family and all at the Blaze.
    In Christ’s Love
    Becci Peters
    Kennewick, Washington

  • Brian

    Seems like God has taken his voice. Hopefully he listens to this warning.
    As a Catholic I am always suspicious of cultists, especially those that wrap themselves in the trappings of being Christian. Beck has time and time again shown that he no longer follows his original Catholic faith. He doesn’t deserve our trust or understanding. I am constantly amazed by the otherwise good people, Catholics specifically, that follow this cultist.
    But I do hope his voice comes back, perhaps with more awareness of his power over the gullible.

    • Mervin Malone

      I thought Glenn was a Latter-Day Saint. Regardless, Glenn is atypical of the Right-wing establishment. He plays on angry-white fears of the “other”. I don’t know if he is a racist, per se, but he sure as heck exploits racism and division. He made this recording just a few days after referring to the First Lady as a “monster”. That’s just sick! I seriously don’t believe his vocal chords have paralyzed; he’s putting on a show to soften his image because he’s currently in talks with various cable outlets to carry his fascist network. I don’t wish him any harm, but the man is a blatant opportunist in the vein of the late Lee Atwater!