Uh…. Sam Adams, Man, You Forgot Something!

Beer-maker Samuel Adams forgot something in its Fourth of July commercial—and now, they’re taking a big hit over on their Facebook page.

In the ad, a bartender cites the Declaration of Independence, but deliberately omits any reference to God.  It goes like this:

The bartender asks, “Why name a beer after Samuel Adams?”  He goes on to explain that “…Samuel Adams signed the Declaration of Independence.  He believed there was a better way to live.”

The bartender then recites the Declaration of Independence—but leaves out the words “by their Creator.”  According to the Sam Adams version,

“All men are created equal.  They are endowed with certain unalienable rights:  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The commercial ends: 

“Smooth flavorful.  We bow to no kings.  Samuel Adams Boston Lager, declare your independence.”

Asked on Fox & Friends why they omitted the Creator from their ad, the beer-maker explained that they adhere to the Beer Institute Advertising Code, which stipulates that beer advertising and marketing materials should not include religion or religious themes.  According to their written statement:

“While we do understand your objection to the omission of the phrase ‘by our creator’ in other circumstances (after all, they occur in the Declaration of Independence which Samuel Adams signed and helped author) we believe it would be outside our industry guidelines to invoke those religious words in a beer commercial.”

The thing is, the Declaration of Independence which Samuel Adams signed made clear reference to the Creator.

Over on the beer company’s Facebook page, public opinion weighs pretty heavily against them.  As for me—well, guys, it looks like you made a mistake.

Next time I shop for beer, I might forget your name, too.  I’ll ask for Heineken.



  • Dale

    I agree with you, Kathy. The explanation from Sam Adams is unconvincing. It comes across as an excuse, a justification which they hope will be acceptable.

    Although some Founding Fathers were deists, Sam Adams was not one of them. For him, the phrase “By their Creator” had religious meaning, and was not simply a philosophical throwaway. Leaving that phrase out of the commercial might have seemed prudent to a beer company in this secular age. However, it doesn’t reflect the thoughts of the historical Sam Adams.

    But….oh Kathy, with so many great American beers, why choose Heineken??

  • monalisa

    I haven’t drunk Sam Adams since their promotion of public sex in St Patrick’s Cathedral (NYC). Don’t believe me? Here’s a link…

  • Heloise1

    This is one of the times I’m sorry I don’t Facebook.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I express my freedom by only drinking beer made by my brother–beats anything off the shelf any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    At any rate, how can men be “created” without a “creator”?

  • Mateo On Mongo

    ‘Ya gotta wonder whether conservatives would still have their Fundamentalist undies in such a twist, if those Samuel Adams commercials hadn’t chosen to feature a black man as their spokesman….

    • heavenly1

      Mateo, race has absolutely nothing to do with it. If you can’t understand the issue as it is, as a matter of disrespect for a religion and for the ideals on which our nation was founded; if it is impossible for you to look at a person without focusing on his skin color; then YOU, my friend, are a racist.

      • Mateo On Mongo

        Hmmm, musta hit a nerve! Thank you ‘heavenly’ (!), for the graphic reminder that apparently only you, and folks like you, truly understand “the ideals on which our nation was founded”…how very, um, “catholic” of you (lower-case “c”… lol)!