Scripture Study On The Run? Go With the GoBible!

Okay, I was asked, would I review the GoBible?  I said yes—and now, I can’t stop playing with it.

  • With the GoBible I can listen to the Bible—from the beginning, or by selecting a favorite Old or New Testament book.
  • I can search by topic (such as “Courage” or “Forgiveness” or “Repentance”).
  • I can use it for prayer—selecting the Liturgy of the Hours or the Rosary or other common prayers.
  • If I need to locate a particular Old or New Testament story or parable, the GoBible’s search function can help.
  • Whether I want to learn or to be spiritually uplifted, there’s a way the GoBible can help.

GoBible is a digital audio device about the size of deck of cards that can be tucked anywhere – purse, backpack, even a diaper bag or medical pouch.  The device will be particularly useful to ministries to the disabled, particularly the sight-impaired, and to the elderly, who may find reading the Bible difficult because of illness or physical challenge.

GoBible gives Catholics the chance to take the Bible with them almost anywhere, and to be able to follow by audio each day’s readings. The Catholic version has the imprimatur of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and is narrated by Emmy Award-winner Stephen Johnston. In addition to the over 80 hours of audio, it is searchable by verse and indexed based on 230 popular Bible stories. Catholics can access the daily readings by both year and cycle.

Each GoBible comes with a cache of 36 bookmarks, so that you can mark your favorite Bible verse or note where you left off in your listening. There is an index for approximately 30 different emotions and circumstances and another index of over a dozen key days and moments. There’s also a voice menu that makes GoBible an easily used hands-free device.

The Catholic GoBible contains the New Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition.  It also features a narrated rosary and common prayers, including the Apostles Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and Act of Contrition.

The GoBible would be a great last-minute stocking stuffer for someone on your gift list.  Better yet, use my Seasons of Grace discount code to get 20 percent off each order, plus free shipping, until the end of the year.  Go to to learn more or to order, and type in the discount code SOG20.

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  • Ooh, that is tempting, not as a gift but for me. I might just get it. Thanks.