Anglicans’ Revised Baptismal Rite Makes No Mention of Sin

Anglican baptism

The Anglican church has begun implementation of a new version of the church’s baptism service.  In the watered down version, there is no more “repenting sins” and no more mention of the devil for parents and godparents at baptism services in Anglican churches.  There’s also no more “submitting” (as in “Do you submit to Christ the Lord?”) because people—women especially—don’t like to submit nowadays.Around 1,000 Anglican churches are utilizing a new trial version of the traditional Anglican ba … [Read more...]

Reading Between the Lines: The See-Through Church

See through church - first

When people call for “greater transparency” in the Church, I don't think this is what they had in mind!In the in the town of Borgloon, 50 miles east of Brussels, Belgium, there stands a “see-through church” complete with its own see-through steeple.But this structure is not really intended for corporate worship:  It’s part of the Z-OUT project of Z33, an ambitious long-term project to construct art in public spaces.  Z33, a center for contemporary art based in Hasselt, Belgium, plans … [Read more...]

Reclusive Pope Emeritus Leaves His Vatican Home to Visit Hospitalized Brother

Pope Emeritus Benedict visits his brother Georg Ratzinger at the Gemelli hospital

 Pope Emeritus Benedict has rarely been seen, since he retired to the Mater Ecclesiae inside the walls of the Vatican Gardens.  The former pontiff has reportedly spent his time in prayer and quiet reflection, occasionally receiving visitors (such as Pope Francis, who paid a Christmas visit last week).Today, though, he made a low-key trip to the Gemelli hospital to visit his older brother Georg Ratzinger, who is being treated there.Perhaps it’s his preference to stay out of the li … [Read more...]