Just Released: Pope Francis’ First Collection of Writings

Hot off the press:  The first narrative of the papacy of Pope Francis, The Church of Mercy.

Loyola Press released this first collection of Pope Francis’s writings on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014.  Arranged thematically, the book includes homilies, speeches and essays by the Holy Father which together define the recurrent themes of his first year as pope.  You’ll recognize the ten topic areas which are covered in one handy softcover text:

  • The Good News of Christ
  • A Poor Church for the Poor
  • Listening to the Spirit
  • Proclamation and Testimony
  • Full-Time Christians
  • Shepherds With the “Odor of the Sheep”
  • The Choice of the Last
  • Demolishing the Idols
  • The Culture of Good
  • Mary, Mother of Evangelization

Each section contains three to five of Pope Francis’ reflections on the theme.  I found it easy to pick up and read, and the book will make it easy to study a single aspect of the pope’s teachings.  His impromptu homilies have sometimes been misconstrued in the mainstream media; this handy reference should make it easy to correct misunderstandings and deflect criticisms.

Giuliano Vigini, professor at The Catholic University of Milan, writes in the Preface to the book:

“…the Church needs to be cleansed, renewed and revitalized.  This requires an ecclesial and pastoral discernment that enables the Church to rediscover the essence of its missionary mandate, in the light of the Holy Spirit and with the intercession of Mary, mother of the task of proclaiming the Gospel.”

“The Church of Mercy,” said Pope Francis, “encourages each of us to ignite the flame within to help share the light of Christ and revitalize the Church.”

I know The Church of Mercy will find its way onto your Wish List.


And here, for those who have asked, is the link to the Kindle version.


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  • irena mangone

    Can anyone let me know if this book be available in digital format. I.e kindle please

    • kathyschiffer

      Irena, I’ve added the link to the Kindle version in the post above.

  • irena mangone

    I tried but it didn’t work it came up as error , but thank you for letting me know will try direct at amazon

  • irena mangone

    I went on amazon and got he book in Australia just under $11 Australian look forward to a good read.