Quick Thoughts Re. Louisiana Rep. Bill Cassidy’s Pregnant Daughter

“Some have speculated,” writes The Blaze assistant editor Zach Noble, “that [Lousiana Representative Bill] Cassidy publicly acknowledged his daughter’s pregnancy to preempt the media finding out.”  

Noble adds that the Louisiana Congressman and GOP Senate candidate intended his statement “as a rejection of abortion.”

“Well, DUH….” I wanted to say, as I read the story in The Blaze.

The intimation that a pro-life legislator would use his pregnant daughter as a tool in his Senate run simply astounds me.  How, I wonder, does the media expect a pro-life legislator to act?

Cassidy is simply putting his money where his mouth is–living out the pro-life message which has been a hallmark of his public service.  Both Congressman Cassidy and his wife are physicians; and Dr. Cassidy has volunteered his time to provide health care to the uninsured, to hurricane victims, to Baton Rouge-area schoolchildren.  Are we to be surprised and cynical when he offers the same caring support for his own 17-year-old daughter?

In a statement to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Congressman Cassidy said:

“Earlier this year, Laura and I learned we will become grandparents this summer.  Our children have been the greatest blessing of our lives and we welcome our grandchild as a joyous addition to our family.  Our daughter now faces a more challenging future than her peers.  She has our unconditional love and support.”

Let me explain to The Blaze and to all journalists who attempt to cover pro-lifers’ key talking points:  We told you so.  

Americans who oppose abortion are consistent in their respect for life:  offering care and support for mothers, as well as their unborn babies.  All across this country, crisis pregnancy centers open their doors and their hearts to women who face unplanned pregnancies:  providing diagnostic ultrasounds, layettes, strollers and cribs, parenting classes and prayers and, when necessary, housing and financial assistance.  CPCs offer a friendly, nonjudgmental face to walk alongside the mother during her pregnancy and afterward.  Such acceptance and support is the daily mission of pro-life centers and pro-life people.

It’s how we roll.


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  • And if he didn’t say a word, they would have accused him of hiding it. He handled this perfectly. That statement doesn’t sound like using his daughter for political purposes. Not at all.

  • Michael Boyle

    “Americans who oppose abortion are consistent in their respect for life.”

    Except, of course, when they are not.


  • Lisa Manguso

    Easy for him to claim to be standing for what he believes. His ignorance and stubborness will, indeed, make his daughter’s life harder. He’s putting her life where his mouth is.

    • irena mangone

      The daughter might very well want this child the child’s father is not necessarily a total loser. He might very well be supportive we have no right to malign people.

  • Charles

    the issue here is NOT abortion but the failed policy of abstinence only “education”. Cassidy introduced an abstinence only bill last year and this event shows that abstinence only is a sick, disgusting joke played on America’s vulnerable youth. How many abortions have been the result of abstinence only programs that failed? Cassidy’s daughter and future grandchild have the benefit of his wealth to make sure that HER life will not be a dead end, but so many American girls who have been prevented from leaning how to safely avoid pregnancy have chosen abortions or become virtual wards of the state who exist on public funds with almost no chance to escape the cycle. If you are truly pro-life, you support planned families not “mistakes”.

    • Brian Kerzetski

      While I agree “abstinence only education” is not adequate, abstinence is the only way to “safely avoid pregnancy.” What needs to be taught to our children (and all people for that matter) is the importance and value of chastity. It is not enough to say, “don’t do it,” or “be sure to protect yourself.” We must understand the value of our bodies and our sexuality.