a piece of paper tumbles in the wind. on it is a picture that we have all seen – the face of a white male with long brown hair, a matching beard, and a crown of thorns. a child looks up from picking through the garbage pile and snatches the paper. “auntie kate!” he grins, “this is Jesus!” i look around me. at his bright dazzling smile, a stark contrast to his dingy, torn clothing and mud-caked feet, at the small yellow flowers peeking through the trash and overgrowth. i feel the warmth of sumini against my chest, her tiny arms wrapped tightly around me; i feel the african sun that warms me to the core and the wind in my hair that refreshes and renews. my heart might burst. “THIS,” i think, “is Jesus”. this is Jesus.

there is a love greater than anyone can imagine that fills be up. and unlike anything else in the world, as i give it away it doesn’t ever run out but only multiplies. and THIS, this is Jesus.