my youngest, Sumini and her friend Christina

picking the stones out of the beans to prepare for friday night madness 🙂

making some music in the fromt yard

friday night fellowship

the food line in my back yard. we go through about 50 pounds of rice and beans in one night!

my daugther Scovia’s 6th birthday party. (since none of my children actually know their birthdays, i wrote the numbers 1-365 on a paper and had them each select one. now they all have their own special day – they are so proud!)

i was so happy to see my kindergarten class! they are doing wonderfully with their new ugandan teacher, miss mary!

hellooooo from the “scabie family”, now scabie-free and back at home!

all of these beautiful children are still waiting for sponsors so they can finish their education. your prayers are a blessing to us and deeply appreciated.

this is adam. he is one of my personal favorites. he has down syndrome and since no one here really has any knowledge about his disability, he is often brushed aside or overlooked. but God has taught me so much about love through this darling little boy. he loves to kiss me and touch my face (sometimes resulting in pink eye… but i wouldn’t trade it for anything). he also loves to bring me presents, last week it was the neighbors’ live chicken.. 🙂

my precious, ever-growing family. there are now 9 of us. left to right: margaret, joyce, agnes, sumini, mommy, mary, christine, scovia, and prossy. please pray for our hearts as we prepare again for my deparure, which we know is necessary but contintinues to be heart-wrenching.

love from us all!

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