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I dont sleep. Last night I laid 7 beautiful sick little people in my bed and it hit me like a brick. THEY NEED A MOM. My initial response was, of course: OK. I can do that.And then I thought about it. Whoa. Uh oh. Oh, God, please don’t ask me to be their mom. I mean, really? If having 11 children is crazy, what is having 18? Nope, I can’t do it. Really. I even don’t think I have the energy to bathe and feed them all every day God. I won’t be able to put them through college, not even in Uganda. … [Read more...]

Oh my, I had forgotten how much I DO NOT like internet here! I have been too enthralled with my children to tear myself away and go to town to find internet access, so please excuse the delay. The following are several journals of the last few days strung together..Oh, if I could paint you a picture of my home… Beautiful just doesn’t suffice.I guess I should start at the beginning.Tuesday night my taxi from the airport was driving down the road to my house. About a block away from home the car wa … [Read more...]