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Wellll. I am just going to stop using the sentence "My life is crazy." Because as soon as I utter those words, it just gets crazier. I have SO many stories for you. I also have 1,200 pounds of food to give out today, so I am not sharing these stories right now. :)I just wanted to say thank you. I have had comments, emails and text messages from so many people who are praying for Sarah (whose name is now Grace, since we already have a Sarah), her legs, my strength. It is so uplifting and … [Read more...]


This is my life. My REAL life. People ask me sometimes, "No way that is real right? You do know how to tell a story though!" Let me tell you, as I fall onto my bed at the end of the night, I look up at the sky amazed and wonder, "No way is this real, right?" Yes. It is. Even those closest to me sometimes voice their disbelief, "How is that POSSIBLE?!" Most of the time, I really don't believe it either. Sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I am awake. I am. Yes, it is happening. 11 children. … [Read more...]


Amazima is so blessed to be so well supported by so many. However, at this time we are not accepting volunteers to come and help with the program. The Amazima board members are traveling to Uganda this spring to help out with the ministry, and we will keep the website updated with any volunteer needs that may arise. To find out how else you can partner with Amazima, visit the "How to Help" and "Projects" pages at, or contact Gwen or Suzanne at or … [Read more...]