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The Lord gives, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord! Job 1:21 Lots of emotions, too many words to really even write. Above all else, I am resting in knowing sweet Happy is whole and rejoicing with Jesus, Oh thank you sweet Lord. Yesterday I was sad and frustrated. Not sad that Happy was with our Creator, not frustrated that she had passed away - I know that was His plan for her sweet little life. But seriously. 4 months old. 4 pounds. 9mm hole in her heart. The doctors … [Read more...]

Happy is with Jesus …

This is Gwen here ... Katie does not have internet access right now ... Here is her message ..."It has been a long day, Happy went to be with Jesus at around 4 this morning. I am devestated but rejoice in knowing that she is whole. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. I will update tomorrow ... Love Katie " … [Read more...]

The last few days have been simply unimaginable. So much so that I can hardly type. Last week was pretty trying; I discovered that what I though was a nasty break out around my mouth was actually impetigo, a staff like infection that causes open sores that weep, then scab, then crack and bleed, all over the face. The good thing is that this led us to diagnose Jane's impetigo, which we had written off as bug bites that she had scratched and irritated (hers are on her legs and trunk). The next day … [Read more...]