It is my 16th Birthday and I am eating sushi at my favorite restaurant with my parents when I tell them that I would like to explore the possibility of taking a year in between high school and college to do mission work. This is unheard of in my family and they say they are not sure and will think about it. I am nervous, but somehow I know it is right. He changes their hearts.

I have just turned 18 and find an orphanage online. I beg my parents to let me visit over break, just three weeks. A month later I am on a plane. I am so excited. I am so scared of being, but I know He is going with me. I fall in love.

I graduate high school having made the commitment to teach Kindergarten for a year at a school in The Middle of Nowhere, Uganda. In August I get on the plane. I’m apprehensive and I cry most of the way because I miss my Mommy and my boyfriend. I am eager, but so uncertain. I trust Him. I teach 138 children how to speak English and to love Jesus.

It is October and I am just not sure I can do it anymore. I live in the smallest room I have ever seen in the back of a pastor’s house. I am more uncomfortable than I had bargained for. No one understands, not people here, not people at home. I am tired. But I am prideful and I am not going to quit. I don’t like this. But I know He has a plan. I learn, I grow, He is there.

It is December and God has spoken very clearly about opening a ministry that sponsors 40 of the orphaned children in the village where I am working. This involves moving into a different house, ALONE. It is big and I cannot imagine how God will fill it up. I am lonely and I am anxious. But I am still trusting. He fills the house, and we now have 400 children sponsored.

It is January and I am looking at a little girl, crushed under a brick wall with no one to care for her or her younger siblings. I offer to take the three home with me until we find them a better placement. I am not really sure what to do with them, but I know they are God’s children. They stay.

It is three days later and the littlest looks at me and calls me mommy. My heart might break in two. Something clicks. I am even more scared than I was the day I stepped on that plane, but I KNOW. Today I have 13.

I have to deliver a baby, give a boy stitches, pull a tooth, give and injection. I am petrified. But no one will do it if I do not. He is present, He holds my hand, they are all fine.

It is August and I must get on a plane back to America to go to college, as I have promised my father. I do not remember how to be a teenager or what it is to be normal Brentwood, Tennessee. I will have to leave my babies. I will have to make new friends. I am sad and I am terrified. He wraps His arms around me. He puts just the right people in just the right places, and they help me and they make me feel at home.

First semester is over and He speaks clearly to me that I cannot serve two masters. “Go HOME,” He says, “and stay.” I am uncertain, but I want to be obedient. He squeezes tighter. I am thankful.

I have to look at my loving parents who have given me everything and tell them that I will not go to college right now, because I feel God wants me to be in Uganda. I know how disappointed and how angry they will be. I am more scared than I was when I got on the plane and more scared than I was when I took my first children. But I know that this IS the Plan. They love me anyway.

It is February and my daughter’s biological father comes to take her away. My heart breaks in half, and I am not sure I will ever be able to get out of my bed again, let alone foster another child. I am more than devastated, but I want what is best for her, what He wants for her. She comes back and her biological father learns about Jesus.

It is March and a lame little girl is brought to my gate. She is undoubtedly mine, but I am still anxious. What if I can’t do it? I don’t know what to do with a special needs child, especially as my 13th child. I am criticized and ridiculed. I wonder. I trust and praise God for her sweet little life. She starts to walk.

I find myself in a village full of starving people that for some reason seem to want to kill me. God says to serve them anyway. I am not sure how it is going to work, or if it is safe. I can’t figure it out, but I know He can. 1,200 Karamajongs, the poorest of Uganda’s poor, are now served hot meals daily.

We keep taking in more children until there are 400 in our program. There is no way we will raise enough funds, but by now I have stopped worrying. He has always provided. Blessings rain from the sky, and all 400 children go to school.

I am 20 years old and have 13 children and 400 more who all depend on me for their care. Who are all learning to love Jesus and be responsible adults and looking up to me. The reality of it all can be a bit overwhelming at times. However, it is always pure joy. There is a common misconception that I am courageous. I will be the first to tell you that this is not actually true. Most of the time, I am not brave. I just believe in a God who will use me even though I am not. Most mornings, before I even get out of bed I am overwhelmed with His goodness, with His plan for my life; I stand in awe of the fact that He could entrust me with so much. Most days, I don’t have much of a plan. I don’t always know where this is going. I can’t see the end of the road, but here is the great part: Courage is not about knowing the path. It is about taking the first step. It is about Peter, getting out of the boat. I do not know my five year plan; even tomorrow will probably not go as I have planned. I am thrilled and I am terrified, in a good way. So some call it courage, some call it foolish, I call it Faith. I choose to get out of the boat. To take the next step. Sometimes I walk straight into His arms. More often, I get scared and look down and stumble. Sometimes I almost completely drown. And through it all, He never lets go of my hand.

  • barb wright

    Hi Katie, I am from Iowa and just discovered your blog, WOW, is all I can say. I have an 18 yr old and a 17 yr old daughter and can't imagine them or me for that matter doing what you are doing, you are an amazing girl. What an inspiration you are, your faith is unwavering, you are a blessing. It humbles me as I sit in my suburban home, air conditioned with plenty of food, I watch healthy kids in my home, etc, and sometimes I complain, why is that? I am so very grateful for what the Lord has given us and thank Him every day and like you, know he has a plan for me and my family too, but do I listen or what have I missed. You have listened, you are an angel, my sweet girl. You are now being prayed for by a stay at home Mom in Waukee, IA. I will pray for you every day. My womens ministry team is looking for a service project, is there anything we could do for you, other than donate? Something we could make or gather and send to you, anything. Please let me know. I want to donate also, and will do that. I would like to help, I feel the Lord led me to your blog for a reason, now I will listen and wait and see what it is and how He wants me to help you. Bless you sweet girl. My email is, please email me with anything you might need, even for yourself personally, don't forget to feed yourself and take care of your own needs too, you are special.Barb, Waukee, IA

  • realmama

    Katie, I've only followed you for a few months, but this by far the best post I've ever read, anywhere. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Ellen

    That is such a beautiful story.Thank you for keeping up this blog… It's so encouraging and inspiring! This post really proves that with Christ working through you, you CAN do all things.Thanks for pouring out your heart, Katie! Your story is a blessing to me.Love,Ellen

  • Holli

    wow…. every post…!God is doing a ton through you in Uganda but I would also say that God is changing a lot more then you could even imagine through this blog to the needed of the Western world! Praise God for your faith!

  • It Feels Like Chaos

    Such a wonderful post! I love the way you put "the five year plan". I used to have a five year plan, but I, too, have found when you follow after Jesus that plan fades away, but it is good! His way, not my way! Thank you for sharing that it is okay to be scared. There is a step I believe God wants me to take, and I am scared! Blessings to you, Sweet Girl!

  • Brenda

    Oh Katie…you are so strong! And the Light of Christ is shining through you, honey, and it is a brillant light. One barely has to glance at you to see God's hands at work. We all love you and pray for you and your family. When you are scared: "For God will meet all your needs, according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus!" Phil. 4:19 In Him, B

  • Shauna

    This is an amazing story. I have a daughter is going to be a senior in High School this year and she is completely convinced the Lord is calling her to the mission field. I am so happy for her and so scared and I want her to serve the Lord where she is called. Please pray for us and for guidance and we will pray for you. I know the Lord needed me to read your story. Your parents are obedient and brave also. God Bless all of you.Jenay

  • Jenn in GA

    beautiful words, powerful Truth. thankful you're seeing His Hand at work, and holding on to it tightly when you don't.

  • Anonymous

    Katie – the last part of your post is utterly what I feel in my daily life. I don't deal with what you do, but for you to put words into a feeling that I've never been able to explain brings peace to my heart. Thank you so much for all you do under God's grace – for the Ugandan people and those of us in the states.

  • Kelly Gomez

    I am in absolute awe of your complete and utter faith in God, that He has never and will never lead you astray. You are an inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    I do not know you, but I have been following your blog. It is an inspiration to follow along with you and your service to our Lord. You have forced me to examine what a true follower of Christ looks like. Thank you for your whole hearted committment to love like Jesus did. It is my prayer that I will please God even half as much as you please Him daily through your faithfulness and service. God bless!

  • Dianne

    Oh, dear Katie, I find myself looking for your posts now to "make sure you're okay", but, as you said, you're so much better than that. You have found joy…what a wonderfully neat thing to be able to say at age 20! Some live all their lives never to find it. How blessed you are, dear sweet Katie. May our Loving Heavenly Father keep you in his care.Love,Dianne

  • Anonymous

    Wow I love it all!!

  • Kristy

    It is not about anything but being obedient to His call. I needed to hear this. Thank you!

  • Tara

    we love your story, you are wonderful!!!! May God continue to have a tight grip on you and all those around you, many blessings!!!I share your story with many people

  • Gretchen

    This is THE best post I have ever read on your blog. Many times in my life I wish I was doing what you are doing right now. You are on a mission from God, and who would care for all those families and children if you were in college and not in Uganda. THAT is your home. I have never been sent on a mission trip per se, but he has called my family to adopt siblings from Ethiopia. We have followed His request. And I know there are days when I stumble getting out of the boat, but He holds me. He lifts me up and I walk toward Him. God bless you, God bless your children, and God bless your (HIS) mission.

  • Shonni

    How beautifully put! Thank you for sharing this! I never did like that whole "five year plan" thing. I want to just leave my days in His hands and let Him lead us.

  • James 1:27 Family

    We officially told our three sons that we are going to try to adopt from Uganda. We are SO scared. We have no clue and no money. What we do have is faith in our unshakable God who can do all things!Your post moved me more than I have been moved in a long time. Thank you for writing and thank you even more for obeying God, even when you are terrified! I just know He will continue to rain down blessings on you!I'm putting your blog badge on our blog (which has about 2 readers :) ) right now and pray that many we be touched by your story and decide to MOVE!Many blessings to you!Amy

  • mom

    So fun to talk with you today and I can't wait to visit and meet your children!! What an awesome gift FAITH is. I love how you are letting your faith lead you to serve GOD. Keep walking in faith of what HIS plan is for you and you will be forever filled with blessings. You continually amaze me and I LOVE YOUMom

  • Cheryl

    Beautiful… God's faithfulness. Your heart. Uganda. Your children. God's blessings. The Karamajong people. You. God's plan. All beautiful.I am always blessed by your story. God's story for you.Thank you for sharing all that He continues to do in your life and the lives of those you serve for His glory. Bless you for your faithfulness. May His love continue to surround and guide and protect and teach you. And may you continue to teach us through it all.You are loved. Much.

  • Anonymous

    I am 19 and I am inspired by a girl with the same name (Katie) in Uganda. How can I help? You are touching lives. I don't want to drink or party anymore. I don't want to serve two masters either. How can I really help? I feel confused and worthless and completely unsure. I know this: I love God. I want to help. Show me how?

  • Araratacres

    Katie, you are without a doubt, THE most amazing 16,17,18,19,and now 20yr old person I have ever had the pleasure to read about and follow. As a 42 year old woman, I am learning so much from you. You truly are the hands and feet that show these people who God and Jesus Christ are. I don't know you, but I love you for all you do and for all whom you inspire (including me!).

  • ~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~


  • Stephanie

    Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed to read those exact words right now. Thank you for allowing God to use you as His vessel.

  • drea

    Katie, you are a servant of the Lord, real, true and transparant. God uses broken vessels, He uses you. I look so forward to your blog, it makes a difference in our lives, it reminds us to live fully abandoned to Christ, ready to step out in a fully abandoned way…sometimes we just see the next few steps before us, but that is all we need, the rest is up to Jesus. He knows the way.We love you Katie. I call my husband during the day, literally crying and read to him, over the phone, your blog. He loves to hear, funny I cry on one end and he cries on the other. My kids follow your story, and we all cry together when I read it at the kitchen table. It is "real."We need to see "real", I don't want to live the fairy tale life, I want real. You bring that to us, and the children you serve. We need Jesus, I don't want to sit around doing nothing, I want as much of Jesus I can get!! Thank you for sharing your stories, and how you are the hands and feet of Jesus. I wish I was there with you my sister, more than you will ever know. I ask God to one day please move us, for now he is bringing Africa to me, but maybe one day He will bring us to Africa.Love you lots, and lots and lots of prayer too.

  • Nancy

    Ah, Katie. Having come across your blog (and life) comparitively recently, I never quite had a handle on the time frame of how this all came to be. Thanks…for the info, and the lesson in FAITH! Love you! Hug kids for me!Nancy in CT

  • Julie Pederson

    Oh, Katie. Yes, you are brave. I tell my kids all the time that courage isn't NOT being afraid. Courage is being afraid and doing IT (whatever IT is) anyway. Knowing that when YOU cannot; HE can! I look at these pictures of you with the beautiful people and I see Jesus. You are so FULL of Him, that you look just like Him. May He continue to fill you as you are poured out for others. Love and Blessing,JulieParker, CO

  • Leah M.

    This was very beautifully written. It's nice to see a more complete picture of the journey that God has brought you on.I am inspired, and am filled with love for our amazing Father. How wonderful He is to take us on a path where we can't always see what lies ahead, but we know He is with us and He always proves himself to be faithful. I am given hope, that though it may not seem like it right now. Though I seem so inadequate and so insufficient, He is able to use me in a mighty way if I am willing.I love how when Sarah laughs when she hears the LORD tell Abraham that she will give birth to a son even though she is past the years of childbearing… He says, "Why did Sarah laugh saying, 'Shall I indeed bear a child when I am so old?' Is anything too difficult for the LORD?"Is anything too difficult for the LORD? I'm sure we both know the answer to that question.Oh, how my faith is strengthened.♥

  • jajbs

    Katie,I have never commented before on your blog, but I HAVE to today. Ever since I was in college, God has stirred my heart and given me a passion for orphans. We adopted our daughter from Guatemala in 07. I don't even know how I found your blog earlier this year, but I read it in its entirty in one night. I check for updates daily. When I see your pictures and read your stories, I can only describe it one way. It is as if there is a strong rope tied on the end of my heart and it is pulling me to Africa. I have never been to Africa and don't understand it, but yet, it is there.My husband and I feel called to work full time with orphan care in a thrid-world country, sharing Jesus and loving them. We don't know how it will happen, but it is such a blessing to read what you are experiencing.Thank you for being so real and so in love with Jesus. You are living the Gospel and it is amazing to watch.amanda

  • Happy Blessings

    So very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.Blessings,Jenn

  • Jewels of My Heart

    Thank you so much for sharing these words of encouragement, of your journey, of God's faithfulness…..So often as I think about how God is one day going to open the door for my family to serve Him in China or Africa full time I admit…. I am afraid….. of so many things really….. I am even afraid of being afraid if that makes since to anyone else. lolHow often since I have started reading your words and I think to myself, "Why can't you be courageous like Katie?!!!"So your words are like a soothing balm to my soul. Our Father is wrapping His arms around me and telling me that it will be ok…… it isn't about me…. it isn't about Katie…. it is about Me. I am enough and I will get your family through each day. I will be your strength and your courage as you do as I have called you to do…. to share the love of Jesus and His salvation as we minister to the orphans and to those in need.Thank you for sharing….. and for as always giving God the glory just as it should be.You are all in my prayers.Daleea

  • Elizabeth

    some of your very best work…thank you for the gift of your words…they point me to my savior every time and remind me that he is working mightily in so many lives…blessings on you and your precious family

  • Anonymous

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Malia’sMama

    Oh sweet girl, I want your faith.May the blessings always rain down.

  • anna

    Wow! That word truly blessed me…so much truth! Some of our best days are the ones we never expected and the ones that were never planned…we are so blessed to serve a gracious Planner! Love ya sister!! Hope everyone is well!

  • melissa

    Katie,I know you don't know me. Probably like most people who write on here. I am a 21 year old nursing student from Texas. Someone told me recently about what you do in Uganda, and it made my heart come alive. I love your heart for the Lord, and for the people you serve. Your obedience is so encouraging. I went to Burundi last summer for 5 1/2 weeks, it totally changed me. I am itching to get back to Africa, but alas I feel the Lord calling me to finish school(one more year!) I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you, and your sweet girls(they're beautiful). I would love to talk to you more about your ministry, my heart is to do something similar, I know you're super busy, but if you ever get a chance to shoot me an email, I'd love it. Melissa

  • Christie

    You are simply put: amazing.

  • Susie

    Katie, you are a remarkable young woman. Your faith is truly inspiring to me. Be safe, and keep serving our awesome God!

  • andrew

    Thank you Katie…really!!

  • KT

    Katie, Thanks for sharing your story of faith. Love keeping up and praying for you and your wee ones.

  • Nicole

    this is a beautiful entry. Thank you for living out your faith exactly as God has called you to do. You are a blessing to those children and to this woman you don't know living in the states.

  • Megan….

    What an amazing and in some way indescribable story. This leads me to pray for you and the country of Uganda. Thank you for you service to Christ.

  • David and Sarah

    Oh how great is the faithfulness of our God!

  • Heather

    i just found your blog and have been touched. I am lifting you up and your children!Blessings Katie,Heather M

  • Anonymous

    Hi! My name is christina and I heard about your blog on a mission trip to guatemala that I went on this summer. I just want you to know that I really look up to you and the faith you have in God. You have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and show the love of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much!

  • Andrea

    Thanks so much for posting your story. It is truly a beautiful timeline of faithfulness, by you and God. I love reading your blog and enjoy your transparency.

  • Kristin

    …and a watching world gets to look on, be utterly amazed and encouraged, and PRAISES our father in Heaven!

  • Jill

    This is so beautiful to see the love and plans of God through your life. God is so good. I can not wait to see how He will expand your testimony a year from now, and so on. Praise God for the desire He has put on your heart and the steps he leads you on to carry out His plans. It so reminds me of Proverbs 16:9. Your speaking of weakness is an encouragement to me because we are brainwashed in American society that when we are weak that we are done, and that is lie. When we are weak is when we have to fall on Christ and others see the hand of God and Christ in us. May we always be weak so we can truly be used by God. Thank you for these words.

  • Michawn

    wow. i was just shown your blog and i don't have anything to say that countless others haven't said before. so, just take all the good things that everyone has already said and know that i say them too. amazing!praying for you and your life, your ministry, His work for you.

  • Coneymama

    Praying for you and all your girls. You will never know what an impact you have had on my life…because of you I take action.

  • Jamie Williams

    I am amazed at what you are doing and at the beautiful hand of God in your Life! Are you still doing this ministry alone or do you have people there helping you that you can have community with?

  • denie heppner

    thrilled to read your story- and can relate! http://www.gentlehands.orgblessings!

  • alissa

    Wow. Left with little words. But thank you for sharing. I have heard the story, read the blogs..but this one tied a lot together. Oh how God works. Never on our terms. :) If you ever need to talk to someone, please feel free to write me.

  • Craig and Bethany

    You fill us all up with the overflow of your faith. Blessings beyond price. Thank-you. I pray God will unleash more abundance on you.

  • ~love

    love this run down of your journey, katie! i call it faith, too, and you are doing a beautiful job living it. saying yes. stepping out. a beautiful job.i am coming mid-september….would love to see you, help you, bless you in any way that i can.

  • Uhrmacher und Lehrer

    God's plans surprise all of us

  • Anonymous

    Awesome post! God is so good and so faithfull! Blessings to you for your obedience….even amidst fear, uncertainty, and challenging trials! May the Lord do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all you could ask or think!Thanks for your transparency….What a blessing it is!Lisa from Tucson :)

  • Maureen

    Now I know there are Angels.

  • Amy

    always an inspiration to read. thanks for your transparency

  • notesfromthefrugaltrenches

    What an amazing testimony of faith and just how far that faith will take us, guide us and demand from us. Thank you!

  • Jess

    Hi Katie, I don't know you, but I sure would love to meet you. I found you through (In)courage and wow….what an amazing ministry you have. I am actually serving the Lord in South Africa for a year, and have many of the same feelings you have. So I felt connected. Anyway….I totally wrote about you on my blog, and hope all my friends come over to your blog and see the amazing ways God is working in your life and through you as you serve Him. Many blessings to you…I would love to meet you someday!Clingin' to the Cross, Jess

  • Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience

    This:"Courage is not about knowing the path. It is about taking the first step."I'm learning that fear is a good thing… it means I'm weak and unable… and in a place that will require, not self-strength, but wild, gutsy, God-faith.You are living out Jesus' calling in the most courageous, inspiring ways… that convicts us all to live just as He said. Today, know I pray for you… wildly, fervently, ardently pray for you…All's grace,Ann

  • I love Jesus

    Hi there Katie. firstly, i would like to say that i am indeed blessed to have stumbled unto your blog. you are indeed a blessing, not just to the Ugandan's but also to people like me, people who would like to venture out to the impoverished and reach out to the people and to spread God's love and word among them.i feel that i am called to do what you are doing now, that is reaching out to the lost, and providing them support while reaching out to them. I would also say that you have courage, even though you say you don't, because you first dared to tell your parents you wanted to take on missionary work. i do not want to disappoint my parents too by not following their decision, but i really really feel i would be more useful to society by doing mission work. secondly, you say "I find myself in a village full of starving people that for some reason seem to want to kill me." i think the reason behind this is maybe because the villagers think that they can depend on themselves to live, and not rely on people's generosity. i pray that i will be strong enough to do what you are doing now, and i pray that you will continue to do your best for God, knowing that so many people do indeed care for you.matthew chapter 5:3-10God bless you.

  • Holly

    What a beautiful post Katie… Your faith is inspiring.

  • MaRia

    You inspire me so much! Thank you for sharing your heart with us. God bless you!

  • Laurie

    I am enjoying reading about your life Katie. My sisters both live over seas and I miss them dearly. Both young and single but following His will for their lives. I live in LaVergne and wish I would have known you were close. I will start reading more often! Thank you for your service to our Awesome God!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amen and amen, Ms. Katie! Thank you for a wonderful life lesson of John 3:30: "He must become greater; I must become less." Faith is courage personified. I praise God for the faith He has given you in your journey. You are displaying His glory through your life in wonderful brilliance!

  • kerrynewland

    Katie,I'm not a blogger — usually I'm a stalker, but I stumbled on your blog and I wanted to say that I think you are awesome! I am praying for you and your sweet children today. I'll come back here and follow your story — God's story. And I'm passing your blog address on to a young friend who is following the same call in Romania. I think you all would have a lot in common. May God richly bless you today…

  • Diana

    I too stumbled upon your blog posted by a friend on facebook. I am inspired by the testimony of a life utterly yielded to the Lord. It makes me want to drop everything and go! Go serve! According to the date on your post, yesterday was your birthday. God bless the 14th, the day He added such beauty to the world by creating YOU. your sister in Christ, Diana

  • Auntie Amanda

    I'm so happy to know you, Katie. I wish we had gotten to spend more time together while you were "home" but I knew you were quite the busy girl so I'm happy to have gotten to see you just the once. Hopefully, if what this blog says is true, we will finally reunite on our other home's soil sometime in the future. Love you lots, and I hope you awake today feeling strengthened and renewed…amarimatek.Amanda

  • Justine

    Beautiful! Thank you for demonstrating what it looks like to obey God's voice in the face of adversity.

  • Elizabeth Mahlou

    Someone once said (wish I knew who) that courage is not lack of fear; it is doing something in spite of the fear. That has been a mantra for me as I have traveled the world, helping educators in places where, in some cases, no American had been before. Sounds like you have had some similar experiences but with a different kind of mission. God has blessed you.

  • Michele

    You are breathing, walking, living the gospel….God bless you Katie for your faithfulness. I am so inspired by your story and eager to see how the Lord will use me, my husband, and my two daughters to love as Christ loves us. Thank you for sharing your life and testimony of His love, faithfulness, provision and guidance. I will continue to pray for your work and the people you lovingly serve.

  • Karen

    Katie – I am overwhelmed by what God is accomplishing through you, His willing servant! with love, Karen Wistrom

  • B

    Katie, Thank you so much for sharing your stories through you blog. It is such a blessing and an encouragment to hear the stories of how God is working in and through you. And how you stand in Him, everyday and get out of the boat and walk in faith.

  • Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five

    Katie, your life is such an inspiration. And, thank you for your honesty!!My heart aches tonight, only because two of my big kids left for college this week. But, we are just hours away from each other.I can only imagine the pain you feel, after your family has gone home, the sacrifices you are all making.Thank you for reminding me HE is all we need!Robbie

  • sarah bess

    What you are is a "rebelutionary". Have you read that book "Do Hard Things" by Brett & Alex Harris? I got it when i was in the States this summer. I, too, took the year off between high school & college and went to work with an orphanage, and it ruined me, too. Still a missionary at 33. May we all finish well!

  • Laurel

    Thank you …… for being real through your blog… for being an example to the young ladies of your generation… for following the Lord with all your Heart, Soul, Mind, and StrengthMy older daughters also have a heart for missions, and have done much traveling of the world. Thanks for being an encouragement to them, as they too step out in faith.Many Blessings,mama of 13

  • Rachel

    Hi there! I would fit in to the "stalker" category that you talked about a couple posts ago. Thank you for sharing your story with me through your writing on your blog. I don't know how I came across it but it has inspired me. <3

  • Jen

    Hi Katie-we stumbled on your blog a few days ago and I just have to say the Lord's work in Africa is awe-inspiring. We are adopting an orphan from Rwanda and see so many other families following this call, and so many people moving powerfully to do the Lord's work in Africa. No where is the need greater, so nowhere shall the workers be stronger, more willing or more mighty soldiers of God. God Bless your work. We'll pray for you! Jen BIll Emilia cropf

  • Meg

    Katie, My cousin led me to your blog and let me say that I sit each night that you update and weep with joy, praise for Him, gratitude for you, sadness and joy all in one for those precious, beautiful people in Uganda. I am trully awe struck by your heart to follow and know that it takes a wise, graceful soul to follow without question and without being defiant to His plan. You are precious in so many eyes. My prayers are with you throughout the days, every night and like all others reading your blog- you have changed my heart. I will be supporting you, through prayer and any other ways I am able. Katie, your a blessing. Meghan from Adel, Ia

  • Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend

    You are AMAZING…..and an inspiration….What a great post….so glad that I stopped tonight. This summer has been so crazy that I have not visited some of my favorite blogs often. I always enjoy stopping by yours. Have a Happy Sunday! I have a giveaway going through Monday morning.

  • Accidental Poet

    I call it encouragement to do what God has set before me, in my part of the world, in my sphere of influence.I pray for you every time I remember you, Katie, and I pray that I can be a practical help to you in your ministry. I want my daughter, and her friends, and her friends friends, to know that people like you are out there in the world.God bless you.Susan

  • Mike and Gail

    Beautifully said. Thanks for sharing your heart. Blessings to you.

  • Blessed Mom of 8

    Dearest Katie,I finally had a moment to soak in all of your powerful soaking words of His goodness, faithfulness and love!This is what faith looks like – you have painted the modern day picture of it right here! You are living it out and I praise Him for being your hands and feet!I praise Him for your soft heart and willingness to listen and let go of this world for the things that are eternal!What a powerful testimony!I sit in awe over the things you have done and do each day – healing the sick, operating on children, pulling teeth, delivering babies – feeding 400+. It is NOT of you – it MUST be HIM! There is no way for a 18 yr old who is now 20+ to know what you needed to know to survive each of these situations. How can we not sit in awe of Him? How awesome is HE? Together we sing – holy is the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!Oh how I long to share this journey with you Katie. You are always on my heart and so is Uganda. We as a family don't know what God is calling us to or preparing us for either. But we know we must be listening to be ready to do whatever it is He is going to ask us – whenever He calls!Katie, one day this side of heaven I know God is going to allow me the chance to look you in the eyes and then hug you! No words needed but I love Daddy too! Keep walking Katie – each step He is there and will be faithful to the calling on your life! Today, if you will hear My voice!Big hugs and much love!Jill

  • InJesusNameWeDo

    Dear Katie, Thank you for sharing your heart so we know . . . I have a beautiful daughter, now 14, who has wanted to be a nurse/missionary in Africa since 6. I can't wait to share this with her!

  • MarshaMarshaMarsha

    Thank you for sharing your story and for giving and living your life for the Lord.You have blessed and encouraged me greatly today.

  • Julie P

    Thank-you for sharing your thoughts with us – and a little more about your "story"

  • Directed Paths Photography

    Hey Katie, my friend told about your blog. I just want to say that I will be praying for you and your efforts in Uganda. Thank you so much for your honesty and ministry – it has been really challenging for me to see you trusting God so much.

  • miss mary

    I just love your blog. I love your faith. I read your 2 year blog in 2days, it was that interesting, and amazing. Like a book I couldn't put down. What you do is so wonderful and the people you help and show the love of Jesus to is so great.I'm still looking to know what God wants from me. You are truly Blessed. The People you help are blessed. How beautiful you are in the sight of God and us.Oh & can I ask? The Picture (you and the young man) Tell the joke, you both are laughing so hard -it had to be funny! That is a wonderful picture. I love the smiles, lifts the spirits. God Bless you sweetie. Much love and hugs coming your way.

  • Diana Bauman

    Katie, You are such a blessing and an inspiration! I am a professional web/graphic designer, If I can help out in any way, site design, blog design, etc.. It would be a blessing to further the ministry! God Bless You :)

  • Tina

    Katie,Flat-out-soul-stirring-beauty… the kind the dives down deep into your soul and bubbles back up to the surface with a BURST of inspiration. THANK YOU that you have listened and obeyed. Your obedience footprints beg for others to follow… as you follow the Master… into slums, to the sick, into the heart of God Himself. He is found among broken things… ever mending, ever saving.Gwen is a dear friend of mine… and she has introduced you to my heart and I AM BLESSED FOR IT.

  • The Ferrill’s

    Hey Katie!What a beautiful time-line of your call to Uganda. If there's one thing I've learned through our adoptions…if God calls me to do something and I'm afraid…I JUST DO IT AFRAID! He comes through!Lots of love from Dixieland…

  • cottage girl

    Jesus is so evident in your words and life. My prayers for you, your family and the little girl I'm able to support through Amazima are ever present on my lips. Thank you for sharing your heart, Katie!

  • Cindy

    WOW. I think I might start every comment that way :)I'm so glad you didn't quit. I'm so glad you take step after step after step. You challenge me, give me new perspective. I love it. I will always share your blog with anyone I can.On the one hand I find it hard to believe you are criticized or ridiculed. And on the other hand, I know that is exactly what Jesus tells us will happen when we follow Him. If there is no opposition, then are we doing anything right? Your life is a shining beacon of His love. I know He upholds you in the midst of it all.Eagerly awaiting the next post!! :)

  • Stephanie

    Beautifully written and completely showed the heart of God. What an encouragement to me!

  • sunkissedgirl909

    Hi Katie, I am a nursing student in Bristol, TN. Your blog is very inspiring and really makes me feel more comfortable with God's plan for me. I have been wanting to go on mission trips ever since I was discovered what they were. For my senior trip last summer I went to Nairobi, Kenya. It drastically changed my life. Words could not explain the feelings I had when I left. I finished a year of college and not a day went by that I didn't think of all the faces of the kids I wanted to take with me. I felt like I left a pice of my heart in Kenya. So I am going on another trip to Uganda in December 2009. We will be working in Luwero. I would love to meet you and learn more about what you do! You are a great Christian and have been very blessed. If you get time email me at Thank you! Erika Ketchum

  • madame

    Katie,I just found your blog last night. A reader linked to it on another blog where we were discussing theology. Reading about your life puts so much in perspective! You are an inspiration. Love from Germany.Ruth

  • Anonymous

    Hi Katie,God has called my wife and I to serve on a long-term project in Ethiopia. We are in the first stages of selling it all and going. Your blog is an encouragement to us. I was talking to a co-worker who couldn't understand why we would go and serve. God gave me these words for them. "Faith and foolishness appear to walk down the same path. The only difference is that Faith is looking UP and foolishness is looking down." What you said about Faith & foolishness in this post is exactly how we feel. God be with you, Tim

  • Cara

    Katie, I think about you and your ministry all the time. Your blog is a daily read for me! I know you are busy, but thank you for taking the time to share your life and heart with us through this blog! This post was exactly what my heart needed to hear this morning. I was lying in bed trying to sleep just last night in tears wondering how in the world my husband and I were going to have money for this and that and how I am ever going to be able to do this, this and this….. I needed be reminded that I do not have to have the answers to these things; I do not need a five year plan. I need to remember that the Lord has always provided in all ways, and He will continue to. So, thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in our lives in America and lives in Uganda. Love and a hug to you; I'm praying for you right now! Have a good start to your week!

  • Erin

    Katie, I get it. I've gone to Uganda twice now and…my heart aches with love and shared brokenness of the people. My people. Uganda will always be my home and I praise God that I have been able to see and experience all that I have in Uganda. You're heart for the Ugandan people is beautiful; more so, the way you point back to the Father is what makes you stand out. I pray blessings on you and the ministry God is doing through you there. And maybe one day, when I return home, I'll see you there, too :)

  • Jason, Kelly, and Luke

    I am truley blessed to have come accross your blog. Your words and what you do means so much to so many people accross the world. I support you, we support you, and the Lord is with you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for carrying out His word and for your continued care for His children.

  • agirlwrites

    Wow. That's all I can say is wow. How hard is it for those of us who are older to trust the Lord in his direction for our lives when you are so young and do it, seemingly without reservation. You are a blessing. Thank you for blogging you adventure. I will be back to check up on you.

  • 1 Chronicles 4:10

    Katie,Your commitment to serve the Lord is truly a beautiful thing. The Lord all calls us to do different things with our lives, it's just a matter of us trusting in Him and His plan for us. Whether it's getting out of a relationship that one knows doesn't have Christ at the center of it, leaving a university to pursue other plans, or adopting 13 girls in Ugunda at the age of 20, if we trust in what the Lord calls our hearts to do, HE will NEVER lead us astray!! Yet, none of these things are easy to do. And that, my friend, is exactly what you've done, even if you have questioned His plans like we as human beings constantly do. Keep the faith, know many are praying for you, and that you are loved by many but most of all selflessly and unconditionally loved by your creator and King Jesus Christ. God bless you Katie.

  • Kimmie

    I am humbled by your service to God and inspired by your faith. Oh, Lord make me like Katie.praying for you.Kimmiemama to 7one homemade and 6 adopted

  • Isabel

    Hi Katie,I am from Germany, now living in New Zealand with my American husband and 5 children, 4 of them born in French Polynesia (one a NZ foster child).We've been missionaries with YWAM for well over 20 years and it has been the yearning of my heart since I was a little girl to care of the orphans.The Lord has just recently spoken to me that NOW is the time to start pursuing the ministry for the orphans and I feel led to take a first – exploratory – trip to Africa next year.I somehow stumbled onto your blog and I have to say it's my favourite blog ever!!!Your heart is just BEAUTIFUL and as I was reading throught the different stories on your website, I was just balling my eyes out.The Lord touched me so deeply through your experiences, heart, writing. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO much for what you are doing for these little ones!!!!!!!!!!!I hope you don't mind, I've written about you on my blog and added your website to the sidebar.I am utterly amazed, inspired and encouraged by what you are doing!!!PLEASE take good care of yourself while you are pouring your heart and life out for the orphans!You are in a marathon – you've gotta pace yourself! I know it's easier said than done, but there is SO MUCH MORE that God has in store for you that you need to be healthy and well!I have been and will continue to pray for you – and PLEASE – if there is ANYTHING I can do to help (besides sending money), let me know.You are a hero – in all your weekness and humanity!Much love from a stay-at-home mom, lover of JESUS and missionary in New Zealand,Isabel

  • Passion

    Hey Katie,I was wondering if there would be some kind of confirmation when I use paypal to sponser a child…? I did this a very long time ago and have recieved nothing.Feel free to leave an answering comment here or email me at pensandpassion@gmail.comThanks!Passion

  • Kurt and JoLynn

    Was introduced to your blog by fellow adoptive parents and I have emailed it to everyone on my list. We pastor a church in Kansas and have six children, the youngest two just came home from Ethiopia in December. I will be reading your blog to my children everytime there is a new post. You are an example of what God has called this young generation to be. Not the selfish, lazy, violent, lost generation so often portrayed, but a generation of young people who are daring, sick of the status quo, longing for the tangible, real God, searching for places they can make a difference, willing to risk it all….world changers. This is what I hope for my children, no matter what the cost. We commit to praying for you and your children and your ministry. "The Lord is with you, mighty warrior"! Blessings, JoLynn

  • Brian and Mandy Harvey

    Katie, praying for you and your kiddos right now. Hope all are feeling better. Words seem such a small and insignificant response after reading your posts, the depth and beauty of your heart, the strength and faithfulness of our Father laid out so clearly and amazingly through your life. Praying for continued and growing peace, strength, and healing….Mandy

  • Amy

    Hi Katie! I read your blog almost everyday anticipating your new post. Your life and your work for God is so amazing. May you and your children continue to be blessed. I am praying for you today and always.May God Bless you!

  • shepherdsgrace

    Blessings, Katie…I am crying…tears of joy…thank you, this morning…for this…your sister in Christ,Sarah

  • Angela

    Hi Katie,Every time I read your blog I start crying. It's just so amazing what you're doing and how God shines through your life. It inspires me to live with courage and faith, trusting Him no matter what. Praying for you and your precious kids.

  • Kristi

    Katie, I heard about your mission a couple weeks ago as part of the Holy Family Prayer Chain. Your mom asked us to pray for you. All I can say is WOW your obedience, love for life and these amazing children inspire me. I don't know how but I too know god is calling me to work with orphans. I am now waiting on him to open that door for me. Prayers of peace, love and strenght to keep doing what your doing. Kristi

  • meg duerksen

    you are amazing.God id using you in so many ways…you are so inspiring.

  • Amy Jo

    I love your faith, Katie. It spurs us on to step out of the boat as well. You are a blessing to me and I'm SO thankful that God created YOU. Sweet blessings & JOY, Amy in OR

  • Toshiko

    Hi Katie,I am from Austin,Texas. I can not describe how much you encouraged me today. You showed me what is truly important in our lives. You are simply amazing..

  • Anonymous

    Katie,Wow, what a journey you are on. God is truly working through you to help those who can't help themselves.Your faith is truly an inspiration and your courage to step out and do what God is leading you to do, to listen to his guidance and know that he is there taking you where he wants you to go. God is Good All the Time. Blessings, Sherrie

  • Steffie B.

    Hi Kate….I met you at Gwens during our Pingjiang reunion….I am sobbing over this post….you are amazing….you hear the Lord so clearly… sweet girl….you are doing everything right! ;)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing and may GOD continue to bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you and give you shalom.Thanks for inspiring me, thanks for serving, thanks for showing us all that we just have to listen and then say YES.You are amazing,Nise'

  • Linda Custer

    Thank you for sharing your story again. God is using you not only in Uganda, but you are encouraging lots of people around the world. Keep your eyes on God, girl, and look forward to those rewards you are earning by storing up treasures in heaven. You are a good example of a faithful steward and God is blessing you!

  • Natasha Rae Taylor: lovex3

    WOW…I HAVE OFFICIALLY FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU…A WOMAN AFTER GODS HEART AND MY OWN…YOU ARE DOIN IT SISTER. someone sent me a link to your blog and said i would like it…open doors LORD OPEN doors…i have been praying for UGANDA for 5 years now and really feel connected…i have been doing similar things in Haiti for 7 years…mission trips to living for about a year…i'm actually in haiti for a month right now. i work with an organization called much ministries…GOSH…girl i am 27 and you are 20…GOD HAS HUGE PLANS FOR YOU AND YOU…YES YOU ARE ALREADY LIVING THEM OUT…YOU DIDNT WAIT YOU JUMPED IN LIKE PETER…YOU WENT FOR…YOU HAD FAITH…AND YOU ARE BLESSED…LIVING WITH YOUR SAVIOR IN A WAY MANY PEOPLE WITH NEVER UNDERSTAND. God's speed, protection, mercy, grace, patience, discernment, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and LOVE…may it all be abundant in every moment. i'm honored to have heard about your story. hope we can connect more!blessings,Natasha Rae TaylorLong/Short Term MissionaryMuch

  • ~love

    i already commented here, just wanted to come back and tell you that i just wrote a post describing some of the blessing that you've been to us on our adoption journey. we are so thankful for your passion to love God and to show other's His love….especially for the sweet Ugandan children. thank you. blessings.

  • Sarah

    I am so encouraged and challenged by your words. I found your blog from my friend Kristin Laughlin, and I am so glad she sent me. I love your honesty and the way your are serving our Lord fearlessly. Thanks for challenging me today!

  • Des

    I am in awe and challenged to the very core of my being.

  • Natasha

    I am so inspired by your story and think you are so very special! I love your faith and your story. I will pray for you and for the children and the people you help each and every day!

  • Kari

    Dear Katie, this post has deeply touched my heart. Thank you for sharing and obeying God's beautiful calling in your life. You are prayed for everyday!! Please consider yourself hugged today!!xoxo

  • Autumn

    I have so many dreams of being a 'mommy' like you described- in Zambia. Papa has given me visions and experiences that just keep drawing me nearer. How did you connect with the orphanage online? What did it take to actually get where you are now? It's so encouraging seeing someone follow the dreams of God's heart inside of your own! Blessings!! :)

  • Paul and Angela

    I just saw your blog for the first time. Your journey is amazing! I can't wait to follow along!

  • Anonymous

    Katie,Your Uncle Denny's Benefit Day was so wonderful. We know that everyone's prayers…(including yours) were heard and answered by the One who holds us all in His merciful hands. His Love was abundant and evident the entire day. We were able to visit with your father, also. Know that we pray for you and your family (here in Williamsport, Tenn. and there in Uganda) daily. God bless you! Steve, Cheryl, Sarah and Grace

  • Kate

    Hi Katie,I have been following your blog for a while. This one really hit home.I am the sponsorship coordinator for a school in Uganda called Christian Upliftment School, After I visited this June, I knew rite away I had to do more. I am being lead to Apac to open a school there to serve the kids who have suffered from the civil conflict in the North. I am entering college and trying to finnish my two years and then I would like to serve there for a long term period. Keep up the amazing work, you inspire me to not give up.Kate

  • Grady Guy

    atie,Thank you for sharing. I am in awe. God is faithful. Only God. I am not exactly sure where In The Middle Of Nowhere, Uganda is, but I think I may have been there, or somewhere close. :) After reading your posts I was reminded of a veterinarian missionary who is based in Soroti and works with the Karamajong. There has been some significant events coming to pass over the last couple years with the peace reconciliation work she is involved with. She is a lovely, godly women and I would be happy to connect you with her if you are interested.May you be fill with strength as you depend on Him.Grady

  • Grady Guy

    atie,Thank you for sharing. I am in awe. God is faithful. Only God. I am not exactly sure where In The Middle Of Nowhere, Uganda is, but I think I may have been there, or somewhere close. :) After reading your posts I was reminded of a veterinarian missionary who is based in Soroti and works with the Karamajong. There has been some significant events coming to pass over the last couple years with the peace reconciliation work she is involved with. She is a lovely, godly women and I would be happy to connect you with her if you are interested.May you be fill with strength as you depend on Him.Grady

  • Adventures In Babywearing

    I don't know the words to say, but thank you. Thank you so much for this post, for your service to those children, that country, and most of all for listening to His voice and taking His hand.Steph

  • Big Nanny

    I love reading your story. Every word of it is so pure and simple. I'm praying that God will allow me to witness/assist in the work that you are doing soon.

  • Allyson

    Katie,I am awe inspired by how you figured everything out for yourself. I have wanted to go to Africa for years, to help with the orphans there. I just have been so overwhelmed with where to start. I have 5 children. I would like to go myself over first and see where need exists, and then eventually make the trip with my entire family. I to feel called, but just feel so lost with where to start.I would love to get to know you. I would love to pick your brain, in all your "spare" time. Thank you Katie for showing me that it can be done. Allyson

  • Jennie C

    I think I'd better stop reading this on my lunch break – it's too hard to hide the tears from my coworkers. Bless you.

  • Melony

    Katie, I found your blog on Saturday and spent the entire afternoon reading old posts trying to get a real picture of your day to day life. I have not been able to get you off of my mind. I have told my husband and friends about you and I have covered you in prayers. I cannot thank you enough for being so open and honest through your blog. God is using your life to change many lives, from the children you raise and feed to total strangers like myself. I pray that your ministry continues to grow and that you are able to feed as many mouths as you possibly can. Prayers from Knoxville, TN Melony

  • Melony

    Katie, I found your blog on Saturday and spent the entire afternoon reading old posts trying to get a real picture of your day to day life. I have not been able to get you off of my mind. I have told my husband and friends about you and I have covered you in prayers. I cannot thank you enough for being so open and honest through your blog. God is using your life to change many lives, from the children you raise and feed to total strangers like myself. I pray that your ministry continues to grow and that you are able to feed as many mouths as you possibly can. Prayers from Knoxville, TN Melony

  • Anna Grace`s Jie Jie

    You are amazing! Such an inspiration! You have inspired me. I would love to become a missionary one day (:

  • Anonymous

    Katie, my husband,Jake, and I have recently begun following your blog, and it has greatly blessed our family! I check each day to read more about your daily experiences….miracles, struggles, lessons, and encouragement. I am greatful that God has brought you into our lives and opened our hearts to things that we have been so blind to. As a mom of 4, I can only imagine the amount of encouragement that you need to maintain the craziness of life. (don't we all) Blessings to you and your girls! You are loved from Brentwood, TN :)Blessings!Kim

  • Tami

    Oh my gosh thank you for sharing your story.. I was so overcome with joy I had to share it on my facebook.. I will also add you to my prayers.. May God bless you in everway.. Tami

  • gloria

    ah.. katie… how God can use you… your story shows me that God can use the ordinary young person.. and young woman and use her in amazing ways!!!you give me hope for my own daaughters…..I would be thrilled , but a bit nervous too if they moved across the world to care for the fatherless…… Thank you for being open to His will!!!Gloria

  • Equip KIDS International

    Hi Katie! I just found your blog and am so touched. Your work is beautiful and your writing matches it. I want to thank-you not only for your work but for bringing it (and the reality of life in most places) to the world. I run an organization that works with kids with disabilities in developing countries. We are primarily based in Peru, but I was wondering if you have seen (or have under your care) many kids with disabilities. I'd love to know and help if I can.All the best to you and your children!Dana at Equip KIDS International

  • Anonymous

    katie, what a wonderful story to refresh us on your spiritual path, like one of your bloggers said, you writing stirs our souls and something wonderful bubbles out for each of us,my advice is to just listen to your heart, scrap any 5 year plans, and let God lead you to where he most needs you,trust in Him, he has brought you to your current situation of joy and pure lovewith great admiration and love, uncle mark

  • Tina

    You are amazing.

  • Lena Mulder

    Hello Katie, a friend of mine found your blog and sent me the link, as I am currently support raising in prayer of leaving in the next few weeks for Uganda as a teacher with Mission Aviation Fellowship. What a blessing and encouragement your blog is, i've much to learn and look forward to through it!Blessings,

  • April Sperncer

    Hey Katie, Thanks for this awesome blog. I feel like I was meant to read this. I have been so encouraged and blessed by what I have read. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you. You are an excellent example of unyielding faith. The Lord continues to bless you because of your obedience. May He always keep you and your girls. It touches my heart to hear how you speak of your love for the Lord. He is so awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I have been following your blog for over a year and I love it!! I will continue to be praying for you!! I hope everyone is feeling better!! Ephesians 3:20 (New International Version)–Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us–be blessed Elizabeth

  • Adeline

    How inspiring!!! I am praying for you…may God bless you in all you do!

  • Molly Brown-Boulay

    Katie–you continually inspire and amaze me. I will pray for your protection and for your beautiful children.–Molly Brown-Boulay, Franklin

  • Johan

    Hello from Holland

  • Wife of the Pres.

    I am reminded of Hebrews 11:1 when I read this entry.Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen.And you are the hands and feet of Jesus Katie. I am in awe of your journey. I am a parent, though our children are younger. I can only imagine that your parents are from upset! They must be bursting with joy and pride (not the bad kind :) for the person you are and are becoming.Be blessed today!

  • Michele

    Katie, this post was so encouraging. I graduated college in May and just moved to Uganda to spend 9 months of my life serving here. I'm still at that point you were at when you lived in the small room in the pastor's house, wondering why I am here. You are such an encouragement to me. You are definitely doing what God has called you to do. It may not be logical by the world's standards, but things with God never are. He's bigger than this world He created. Thank you for following him and for posting these updates to inspire and encourage the rest of us. God bless!

  • Amblin

    I just linked to your blog from mine. I hope you don't mind but the writing you posted on courage spoke so strongly to me. I wanted my readers (just the few I have) to find your blog and read it as well.Amblin

  • Jill and Cliff

    I am speechless!!!!! God has used you to touch so many lives. Thanks for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way. My life will never be the same.

  • Tamara

    Katie, I am so touched and blessed by your testimony of God's Eternal Faithfulness. I am praying for you and your ministry –for all the dear ones He puts in your life, for His provision of your every need. I rejoice with you in all the Lord is doing! To Him be the Glory!

  • Amber

    I appreciate the recap so I feel like I know you know. I just wrote about what you speak of on my blog yesterday. How God wants us to listen to His calling and even when we don't know how, just take pne step, one step, one step…and He shows us the HOW. Bless you!You are the ultimate testiment of obeying Him. I love it!

  • Sara

    Thank you :)Sara

  • Anonymous

    Hi Katie:) My heart is like yours, I love being overseas!! He has not called me to leave yet. Keep up your hopes!! Ps. 37.4 Bless youmuch lovebethany

  • Livy

    OH MY GOODNESS! you are such an amazing person! God has a special plan for your life!

  • Nathan

    Katie,You don't know me, but a friend of a friend recommended reading your blog. I saw you are from Brentwood. I graduated from Lipscomb Univ. last December and I'm a high school history teacher now. I teach at a christian school. As part of my job, I work as the Asst. Director of Missions–plan trips, motivate kids, give them the opportunities to be missionaries for a couple of weeks. This blog is amazing. I am going to share with them what you've written. We've never met, but I am compelled by what I read. Thank you for being faithful and trusting in our Father. My 7th period class said a prayer for you today.Nathan

  • Anonymous

    Katie,Thank you for summarizing your journey so far in this post. I appreciate it so much.Be Blessed Beautiful Lady!RaVae

  • Cassie

    A friend and myself have felt a burden from God to go to Uganda, this post is beautiful picture of the faith you walk in and it brought me to tears!

  • natali

    this post is absolutely amazinggg, as it shows the heart of the amazinggg GOD we serve!

  • Suzy’s Seven

    Katie – you are truly doing the Lord's work. You are an inspiration to many. I will pray for you and your children that you will be blessed in all your days. Keep your eyes on the Lord and focus on the path He has set before you. I don't know why I found your blog (maybe a gift from God) You see, I am a single mom of 7 children. While my days and nights may not be the same as yours, the love for children that we both share is deep in my heart. I believe that not only are you a gift to those children but also a gift to the many who read your blog. While I can't offer financial assistance – I will offer something I hope will be just as cherished – my daily prayers. Keep up the good work Katie. Susan, Riverview FL (By the way, my youngest is named Kattie as well – just with 2 t's!)

  • Amy

    This is freedom…living by God's truth not man's truth…

  • jocelyn

    Hey, my name is jocelyn and i spent one month last summer in Uganda. One of my friends saw this blog and sent me the link. I know how you feel with your heart getting so attached to the people and the children. It was the most life changing experience i ever had. I have so many stories and photo's i'd love to share with you. I am only 17 now but i know i will be back in Uganda one day. here is my email- or you can search me on'd love to hear more about your experiences (:

  • lesliecross

    Wow. I'm completely and undeniably late in coming across this glorious blog. My friend actually posted this link on my FB wall. I like you have the call to go to Africa, Kenya to be exact. I made the decision to not go to graduate school and to follow God's leading to Kenya. I have no idea what's ahead but there is so much peace and joy inside of me. Thank you so much for your encouragement. God's timing and promises and provision are utterly amazing. This is exactly what I needed to read today….so maybe I'm not late at all in reading this post. Maybe I'm right on time.

  • ngsorensen90

    Katie, I don't know you and just ran across your blog by chance, but thank you so much for putting up this beautiful story. I'm 20 and struggling where to go in life. God is certainly leading you down an incredible path, keep going :-) He'll never leave you or forsake you.I'll be praying for you

  • Erin Bronson

    Katie, Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I am awed, inspired and humbled by you. Your faith astounds me and makes me want to live my life differently. More sacrificially, more courageously, more for others, more for Christ. My prayer is that you will live each day in His PLAN – whatever that may be and wherever that may lead you.

  • Jodi

    Oh my heavens, I just discovered your and your friend Renee's blogs and my world is blown. For hours I've been reading, entranced, and know it wasn't a mistake I came across this site. To say you are inspiring is a VAST understatement. I love how your writing makes me love Jesus even more – and want to do something good because of it. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Courage is not about knowing the path. It is about taking the first step. It is about Peter, getting out of the boat.Wow- that speaks to me. I wish I could get out of the boat.

  • Jesusluver

    Katie,I'm blown away by all that God is doing in you and through you. I am just about to turn 18, and I would love to be like you when I get older. (I say this in all sincerity) I'm learning what it means to radically follow His call in my life. I'm learning to stray away from America's definition of being a Christ follower and I'm learning what it truly means to follow Him. I'm called to do the same kind of ministry you are doing in Uganda.. Though I'm in Guatemala for the next couple years, God's called me to move to Uganda when my time here is up. Your radical obedience to Him is encouraging for me to see. I absolutely love how selfless you are and how much you bring glory to our Maker. Your blog is very refreshing for me to read when I'm seeking wise counsel of those older than me who have left all they had to follow Him.

  • Natasha

    Wow…what you are doing is exactly what I have been praying to be able to do, for years. Specifically in Africa… Can I please somehow come into contact with you? I am in college rightnow, but ready to leave at any time if I know the Lord can use me to help in any way. Please email me – nmero468@students.bju.eduGOD BLESS YOU.

  • Butterfly Set Free

    My daughter who will be graduating from the University of Texas this May shared your blog with me. I celebrated my 10 year spiritual birthday just 3 days ago & I completely understand why you're doing what you're doing. It's because of the gift of Faith & God leading you all the way. It's a precious commodity more valuable than anything or anyone on earth, right?! I hope you have some Brothers &/or Sisters interceding for you regularly. I believe my daughter who sent this to me might do a similar thing one day, so it's no accident her friend showed her your site. Don't be surprised if you hear from a UT student who turns 22 this month, my daughter! Some lyrics for you: "In these times we've got to help the children, because they're the future. Invest in the best." Song is "Crisis" by Sounds of Blackness