Lord, had I a thousand tongues, I would praise you with all of them…

I cannot begin to thank you for your prayers. They have overwhelmed us with the peace, calm and joy that can only come from the Lord.

I wish with all of my heart that I could tell you the WHOLE story of how the Lord showed up and moved mountains today.. But since a certain someone won’t be finished legalizing all our new paper work until next week, I feel it is best to wait.

I will tell you this though: Mr. Someone showed up an hour early. I was shaken. The first hour did NOT go well. But at 10 am. Oh, your prayers softened even the hardest heart. The power of those prayers pressed down all around us until the presence of God was so tangible in the room even a non-believer could not deny it. Words came out of my mouth that were not ever planned in my mind.

I meet Mr. Someone again tomorrow and hope and plead and pray he will keep the words he promised me today. I have a good feeling though… How could I not!

He truly IS able to do more than all we could ask or imagine.

I am deeply, incredibly, humbly grateful. So thankful for the Lord and His great mercy and Compassion, that He sits so high upon His throne and would look so low as to take an interest in my problems. So thankful for His word that has been the solid rock I can stand on, the promise I can rest in. So SO thankful for you, brothers and sisters, the body of Christ, standing with me, holding up my arms, encouraging and stregthening my heart.

I would feel so greatly honored if, as you pray for us throughout this week as we are waiting on our papers, we could pray for you as well. There is nothing sweeter than the opportunity to stand together before the Mighty One, praising, thanking, asking for eachother.

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