Hello and this is Mary Pat Davis, proud mama and Jjajja (grandmother) to 14 beautiful coffee colored children and also jlovie or Josie Love (my friend’s new daughter and my soon to be neighbor)! Amazima Ministries supporters, prayer warriors and blog followers this has been a fun filled ride of 7 weeks in Bukaya. Upon arriving, I had asked Katie where all my street friends of Jinja were as I had not been called Muzungu (white person). She said, “Mom those are the Karamajongs.” Oh, I thought… the Karamajongs are the village tribe comparable to the lepers Mother Theresa took care of, that Amazima Ministries is now feeding 5 days a week plus providing food to their families. The parents of these children are not sending them into the streets of Jinja to beg. Thanks for providing approx 8,000 meals a week!! Also, thank you Brittany’s Hope Foundation for the feeding grant. Amazima Ministries now sponsors 400 children. They attend school, recieve medical care, and come to Katie’s home on Saturday for lunch, Bible study and play time. Amazima Ministries is providing this thanks to your continued support! Thank you, thank you for improving the quality of life for GOD’s beautiful children. It is only possible with you!!
Favorite things while visiting Uganda…
14 children singing christian songs on the way to church
the blue Nile river (the only one flowing south to north…only GOD could make this possible)
nkwagala nnyo “I love you” constantly heard in this household
ordering the standard 20 pizzas for Friday night dinner and the restaurant calling and asking if we have any pizza boxes!??
no TV
outside Sunday sermon at Acacia church with the most incredible view and the wind gently blowing
riding a piki to town for 1,000 shillings (50 cents)
ordering cream for my coffee and the confused server scurrying politely around in the kitchen and arriving 20 minutes later with sour cream
no power so dinner, bath, and bedtime by candlelight
Katie’s children totally excited about a new light bulb in their bedroom! or new toothbrushes
and Katie’s newest family addition, adorable Patricia, named after her Jjajja
Friends and blog readers, my love, blessings, and most of all thanks for making Amazima Ministries International grow and prosper so quickly. These beautiful children thank me all the time and I am sending their thanks to each of you! Also thank you for loving my daughter Katie, who has taught me to live a more faith filled life without a specific plan!!! That is not my greatest strength. Continue to love, love, and love people that touch your life daily, as that is our greatest gift to GOD, our creator who make all things possible!! Katie, you are totally amazing and I love you so much. Love to my dearest husband, Scott and my strong son Bradley. I can hug and kiss you on Monday!! xoxoxo

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