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The king's heart is in the hands of the Lord, He directs it wherever he pleases... Proverbs 21:1I have never been one of those people who enjoys taking a vacation from her children. Don't get me wrong, nap time if absolutely wonderful and even necessary for my sanity, but after a couple of hours of being away from my children, I find myself missing then and ready to be home. A 7 hour school day nearly kills me! Quite possibly this is because so much of my children's lives, especially the older … [Read more...]

I am alive! For all of you who are emailing Gwen and Suzanne concerned about my safety! The girls and I are doing wonderfully and are so thankful for your prayers. I took a little break from blogging because I am actually working on writing a book and popped into the US for a few weeks to meet with my publisher, love on my family, and do some fundraising.I will blog soon, and write something really moving and inspiring... I promise :) … [Read more...]