Just in case you were getting too comfortable…

Poverty and squalor and disease and desolation are REAL.

They have names. And faces that stare back and hands that squeeze mine tight.
They are beautiful people in need of REAL love.
This is Betty.

This is Nabakoza.
They are real people. They are my friends. They are God’s children.
Please pray specifically for Nabakoza as she may be nearing the end of her life. At 23, she weighs just 37 pounds (not typos.) She has been severely neglected all her life. My sweet friends Renee and Shana drove 2 hours to the hospital in Kampala only to be told that they would not take her, she was too far gone. After trying four different hospitals, all claiming they couldn’t help, they brought her home where we are just trying to keep her warm and cuddled and covered with the love of Jesus. She undoubtedly has been loved on more in the last 4 days than she has been ever in her life. We are so thankful for the opportunity to tell her that Jesus feels her pain, sits here with her, and loves her beyond what she can imagine.
for more of the story and updates on Nabakoza, check out Renee’s blog www.servinghischildreninuganda.blogspot.com
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