Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh: Get Them While Supplies Last!

They stride into Jerusalem like a person wandering bare footed into a snake pit, asking “Where’s the baby king?” Like someone strolling into a public park looking for the guy they’re going to buy a bike from on Craig’s list, stumbling into a drug deal.

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First Things First

One night this past week I had a very vivid dream. I was running- where I didn’t know, I just knew that I had to get there fast. I was running down a long stretch of road, and I was clutching a golden nugget in my hand. It slipped from my grasp as I ran. [Read more…]

Grocery Store Checkout

Thirty years ago when my husband and I got married in York, Pennsylvania, I asked a friend from seminary to read Scripture. She and I had both just graduated from Duke Divinity School in Durham, N.C. I remember that she drove all the way from Texas to the wedding and read l Corinthians 13 like [Read More…]


Walkabout As a recovering workaholic I’m trying to schedule more spontaneous, leisure activities into my week. I know irony. Scheduled spontaneity. Anyway, a friend and I had talked about walking a couple times a week now that the relentlessly oppressive summer heat in Texas has given way to October coolness. She, by her own admission, [Read More…]

“Beware of The Bears”

As I stood there looking at the black bear warning sign, I pictured me being confronted by a black bear. I wondered- what would I do? I would smile at the bear, gesture for it to hold off on making its next move for just a moment, pull out my I phone and look up “What to do when confronted by a black bear.” Maybe it would have been better to look that up before I started the hike. [Read more…]

Swimming in the Jury Pool

I got called for jury duty last week. Again.  They never call you at a good time- when nothing is going on and you welcome the diversion. When I got called three years ago, I went grudgingly- I had a heavy course load and lots of workshops to prepare for. But then when I got [Read More…]

Loving the Body

I just spent a week at “House of Hope” in Puerto Lempira, Honduras. House of Hope (Casa Esperanza) is a clinic/school/orphanage that meets the needs of the children of the Mosquito Coast of eastern Honduras. It is sponsored by a ministry called Send Hope. Send Hope was founded about 20 years ago by Dr. Tom [Read More…]

Separation Anxiety

When my children were small they spent part of the day in day care while I served a church and went to graduate school. Whenever I could, I would pick them up early to have more time with them in the afternoon before supper. I would sometimes get stuck in traffic on the way to [Read More…]

Good Deed at Dillards

I had no business being in the Dillards in the first place. I have more than enough clothes in my closet at home. But if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to be the fashion angel this woman needed in that moment. [Read more…]

Decoration Day

A family in Frisco, Texas, has been tending the grave of a stranger since 1908. It all began with a promise their great great grandmother made to a distraught young mother whose baby died on the trip West. [Read more…]

Have You Got Your Ticket?

  Maybe it’s because this week’s lectionary text is the Walk to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-35. Or maybe it’s because the whole Easter season is a journey that begins with the empty tomb and the Risen Lord. But for some reason I’ve been thinking about journeys and ways we can remember where we’re headed and [Read More…]

Choke or Clutch??

Why are some people good under pressure, clutch, and some people, equally talented, are chokers? Is it genetic? Or is it something else? [Read more…]