Five one-minute practices


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We’re all busy.  Here are five practices you can do in 60 seconds or less, although many of them are also lovely if you have a bit more time.

1. Presence: Take three deep breaths.  Pay attention to each one as fully as you can.

2. Ground: Think about your feet.  Feel them on the ground.  (Stand up if you can.)  Notice that you are pushing down on the earth, and the earth is pushing back up on you, supporting you.

3. Gratitude: Say thank you to the air or yourself or your gods for something that has gone well.

4. Desire: Make a wish.  Big or small, wishes connect us to our desires.

5. Wonder: Focus on one of your senses.  Notice something lovely.  See how fully you can experience and appreciate it, no matter what else is going on.

Do you have other favorite micro-practices?

About Sarah Twichell

Sarah Twichell is a witch, writer, foodie, musician, semi-competent knitter, aspiring runner, and all-around logistical wizard.

  • P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

    One of the mainstays of my daily practices is that when I see an image of Antinous (especially one of my devotional images for him–a coin, a medal, a pin, a picture, a statue, etc.), I kiss it/him through it. On an average day, I kiss Antinous about fifteen times at least–and on some days, many more! ;)

    • Sarah Twichell

      That’s a good one! I love the idea of using images I’m going to come across in the course of my day to draw my attention back to what is central for me.

  • Kate

    Compassion — for whoever I’m engaged with RIGHT NOW, regardless of whether I like them or not.

    • Sarah Twichell

      That’s so valuable and (for me, anyway) so tricky! I learned one of my favorite tricks for when it feels hard from Havi: I think of at least ten things that the other person and I have in common and I have in common. In the best case, this reminds me that we’re both pretty much doing our best to get our needs met, but even when it doesn’t work well, it at least reminds me that we’re both real human beings with feelings and loves and distastes.

  • WMDKitty

    *pokes head out*

    Umm… hi. How about taking a minute to pet or play with your cat or dog?

    • GarlicClove

      Love that idea. I work around a lot of therapy dogs and getting to interact with them lifts my spirit as much as it does the clients they are there for.

  • mahavir nautiyal

    Beautiful tips for feeling well. I would add one more.
    Think well of others, do some good to others, if possible or , at least, smile in thankfulness to someone who has been good to you in , however small measure.

    • P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

      Yes…thankfulness is at the very heart of religion, in my opinion. I try to thank anyone and everyone who helps me in any way throughout the day, and especially when the contributions of such people are often not appreciated (e.g. bus drivers, janitors, and other service personnel).

  • Alison Mee

    I love to feel the connection with others across space and time who are doing the same thing I’m doing, especially when what I’m doing is basic and sweet. I started be conscious of doing this when I was nursing my baby, and thought: all over the globe, at all times, women are nursing babies. There is never a time on this planet, when there is not a woman and baby nursing. The same can be said for cooking, or sleeping peacefully, or hugging…

    It was while my children were very young, that I moved from having my spiritual experiences in special places and special times, to having them whenever I could get them, which caused me to start having them frequently throughout the day, every day, which led to a major shift in my experience of the divine. I actually think that having to eek out my meditative moments turned out to be better for me. Impossible to know what other paths I might have taken, of course, but it’s been a lovely path of transformation.

  • JoAnne Simson

    Lovely! I tend to do four of those several times a day. But Desire was a new one. Maybe I need to pray for something I desire, also. Though I already feel I have most of what I need and want.