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Sarah Twichell is a witch, writer, foodie, musician, semi-competent knitter, aspiring runner, and all-around logistical wizard.

Practicing Together #23

Heart drawn in the snow

Twenty-three is my favorite number!  And it's time to practice together by taking some intentional breaths for the week that has been.A breath for endings and new beginnings A breath for the power of nature stopping all of us in our tracks this week with a foot of snow A breath for staying with myself even when things feel vulnerable A breath for delighted anticipationAnd a breath for you, wherever you are. … [Read more...]


Strip of white cloth tied to a branch reading "all beings be happy and free"

Here's my wish for you in 2014: may all of life's little ineffabilities work out in your favor.  May every bus be on time and every traffic light green.  When things break, may it always be just after you've gotten what you most needed from their lives.  Every time you reach into the closet, may you come out with something that looks fabulous.I'm not wishing this because it will be convenient, although surely it will be, but because it's the easiest way I can think of to get you to my re … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #22

A heart-shaped stone in the sand at a beach

These are some very busy weeks.  I'm pretty sure this makes breathing even more important.A breath for two triumphs, one big one over some very long-standing buttons, and one tiny one over a crossword puzzle. A breath for the fear around having important parts of my life hanging on a bureaucratic process I am not in charge of. A breath for the challenges of engaging with family and social expectations and obligations when the days are short and the weather is grey. A breath for … [Read more...]

Practicing together #21

photo of a prayer flag reading "love" tied to a branch

In which we take some breaths together, from wherever we are, for the week that has passed.Here are mine:A breath for an offer so generous that it literally took my breath away A breath for the pain and fear of having an old pattern resurface A breath for dancing on the edge of clarity A breath for singing with beloved friendsAnd a breath for you. … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #20

Full moon over the ocean and a rocky beach

In which we practice together, right here in the wide, weird, invisible world of the internet!  Also, in which the old and the new come together, like with keeping the old numbers (because here we still are, practicing together) but having a new practice.  And in other ways!My new practice is inspired by several things: a breath practice in one of my traditions and an experience I recently had with it, a beautiful blessing practice developed by my friend Rachel, and Havi's eight breaths. My p … [Read more...]

77 Things That Don’t Completely Suck (2013)

Holidays are full of complicated things.  You know, little ones, like family, tradition, colonialism, obligation, indulgence, economic injustice, and home.  Also, for Thanksgiving in particular, things you are supposed to be grateful for.I do not believe in the compelling power of shoulds.  But I do have some awesome things in my life.  So when Havi came up with 77 Things That Don't Completely Suck, I was thrilled.  I've done this a few times before, and so I am happy to share it now with … [Read more...]

Slow magic

It's almost Thanksgiving.  All night and all morning, there was a howling storm beating at the windows and walls of my house, and I was at once grateful to be inside and sad for the world we've created together where others are not.  If my social media streams are any indication, a lot of us are feeling that way these days.I'm making dulce de leche, which is a process that's completely satisfying: you pour cans of condensed milk into a double boiler, and you cook and cook it.  Over the co … [Read more...]