Practicing Together #13

budding tree and city builting

It's Monday (barely!), so we practice together.  You are welcome to join in comments, on social media, in your own blog, or just in your head at any time during the week.This past week, I noticed the extraordinary tension between hope and heartache in my city.  In fact, I had a hard time noticing much else.  My week was bookended by the heart-rending events in my city, and filled with the awareness that in too many cities around the world, the kind of violence and police presence that sh … [Read more...]

On feelings


Feelings are a big thing around daily practice.  Often we avoid practice out of a desire to avoid some particularly challenging feelings (or even the experience of feeling deeply altogether).  Also, we often have feelings about our daily practice or the practice we wish we had.  So I’m going to suggest one way to approach emotions.1) Name them.  This is surprisingly tricky!  We tend to use only a small number of words to describe the entire range of our feelings.  Go for nuance.  (I love thi … [Read more...]

Heartbreak and practice

Boston, Charles River, skyline, sailboats

Teach us, O Divine Mother, directly at every moment in this hour of apocalypse the appropriate action that heals and preserves and redeems and transforms.(From "Prayer to the Divine Mother" by Andrew Harvey)Yesterday, bombs went off in my city.  I grew up in the Boston area and love it: every time I ride the T across the Charles or crest a hill on Route 2 and see the skyline, I smile.   And so of course my heart was broken by the violence in the heart of my beloved c … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #12

Miniature irises blooming

Rituals!  On Mondays, we practice together.  You are invited to join us in your head, or on your blog, or here in comments.This past week, I noticed that my love of cooking is resurfacing.  When I started a new job in February, for a while, every single thing that involved steps felt overwhelming.  But I've come home from work and cooked dinner a couple of times in the last few weeks, and it's perfect: I feel nurtured and accomplished all at the same time, and I have delicious lunc … [Read more...]

Practices: stillness

Lone bare tree in a field

In the world we share, stillness is an exception much more than a rule.  We are busy, hurried, overcommitted, overextended.  For the simple reason of catching a break, a practice of stillness and silence would be worth cultivating.  But too often, we also use the sound and fury of our lives as a screen to hide behind.  Without really intending it, we cultivate disconnection from things that we find uncomfortable: emotions, fears, and doubts.  Sometimes I also use it to escape things that are unco … [Read more...]

On love

Photo by Kamil Porembinski

Words of wisdom from Hafiz:Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth "You owe me." Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky. … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #11

Crocuses blooming

Hello, week!  Hello, practice.  We practice together on Mondays.  Join us here in comments, in your own blog, or in your head! All the ways are good.This past week, I noticed that suddenly, even though I am as busy as I was last week, I am less anxious about it.  I love this, and I am also pretty sure that it means that the worry wasn't about the busyness but about my reaction to it.  I also noticed some daffodils.This coming week, I invite in the question "why?"  It has been popping up i … [Read more...]