The ark of the covenant is made of acacia wood, two and a half cubits long, a cubit and a half wide, a cubit and a half high. It’s covered inside and out with pure gold, and has four gold rings at its four feet. The cover is also pure gold, two and a half cubits by one and a half cubits . . . .

We’re only a few verses into today’s sermon text, and you’re already glazing over. There’s much more, and every detail is there for a reason.

Holy things are measured, and measured things represent the people of God. The tabernacle depicts an ideal Israel, and an ideal Israelite. Israel’s corners are to be square, her lines straight, her dimensions accurate. Each Israelite’s life is to be gold, silver, and precious stones not hay, wood and stubble.

The tabernacle is a mirror for each of us too. Are the corners of your life squared off? Are the walls of your family plumb? Is your life leaning sideways, the walls about to buckle? Is God enthroned in your most holy place, His law stored up in the treasure chest of your heart? Is your soul filled with the aroma of prayer? Is it bright with the light of the Spirit?

As you hear the sermon text today, ask yourself: How am I building? How do I measure up? Does my life conform to God’s blueprint?

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