Food fads come and go, especially in America. Not so long ago, white bread was the miracle food that would perfect and purify. For many today, organic is savior.

Food was an issue in the early church, and Paul gives us coordinates for navigating through. First, do not let yourself be judged, and do not judge concerning food. Don’t judge your brothers who prefer the Coop, don’t let yourselves be judged for going to MacDonald’s. You aren’t judge. God is.

Second, all food is good because it all comes from God. Eat whatever is set before you. Whatever it is, it’s holy food if it is received with thanksgiving. Third, don’t form food factions. Food isn’t a club badge. Do not separate because of diet, and don’t destroy your brother for the sake of food.

Make your dietary decisions with the best information you can find. Discuss and debate the nutritional and aesthetics merits of food freely, publicly, respectfully, charitably. But remember that Christians have only one food law: Take, eat; this is my body. Only one food unites us, the bread and wine of the Lord’s table.

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