Erotics of Reading

In the middle stanzas of “Erotikos Logos,” watching someone else reading, Scott Cairns (Slow Pilgrim, 278) writes,

“So much, of course, depends upon your own

willingness to find something worthy here,

even as you bring – as you must – something

worthy to the effort. So much of what

is worthy wants always to struggle toward

agreeable repose, requires grateful

coupling of a willing one with an also

willing other.”

I hesitate to comment. Commentary will be mere paraphrase, perhaps plagiarism. Still, ticking a few things I like: The need for prior receptivity, a willingness to find something worthy; the reciprocity of reading, the need to bring something worthy; the union of willing ones, a union that requires gratitude; the mutual struggle that leads to post coital repose; the erotic model of reading.

Well, let’s just say: I like everything here.

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