Who Is Roy Moore?

Who Is Roy Moore? November 15, 2017

I have defended Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore’s  statements about God and law, but his conduct is indefensible. Not only in decades past but in the past week.

Four women have charged that Moore made sexual advances when he was thirty-plus and they were teenagers. One was only 14 when, she claims, Moore undressed and fondled her in his car and tried to force her into a sex act.

A fifth woman, Beverly Young Nelson, charged Moore with assault and attempted rape when she was 16.

There aren’t many options here. Either the women are lying as part of a well-executed conspiracy against the judge, or Moore did what the women accuse him of doing.

Lies aren’t unheard of in political campaigns. Smears happen. Politicians plot, especially in high-stakes elections.

It’s not impossible here. As we’ve learned more about Moore’s young adulthood, though, the conspiracy theory has become increasingly implausible.

Continue reading at Foxnews.com.

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