Day Thirty One: We Share in God’s Healing Touch

Touch can heal and transform. The Spirit is embodied and the body is inspired. Healthy, welcome touch can energize, empower, and calm. We can share God’s healing energy with one another.

Touch can heal. The largest organ of our body (skin) needs healing and affirming touch. Prayerfully connected with God, our touch can bring healing to the world, one person at a time. In my own life, I experience and share God’s healing touch through holding my grandson, giving my wife a massage or reiki treatment, sharing in healing rituals such as the “laying of hands” or holy communion, and through reiki healing touch either on the body or at a distance (see my book, written with Kate Epperly, Reiki Healing Touch and the Way of Jesus.) As I write, my cat Charlie, who had oral surgery yesterday, is sitting on my lap enjoying the warmth and receiving reiki healing touch.

Today, affirm your healing partnership with the following:
I mediate God’s healing touch in every encounter.
I touch with love and healing.
I protect vulnerable persons from unhealthy touch.
I use my hands only for healing.

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