Terry Gilliam Talks About Christianity

The man who guards the Bridge of Death speaks:

“With Life of Brian we were vilified by Christians,” he continues. “Yet Christianity is alive and well. Come on, if your religion is so vulnerable that a little bit of disrespect is going to bring it down, it’s not worth believing in, frankly.”

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  • Neville

    Read the book “Gilliam on Gilliam.” It will change the way you view the man. For instance, he was a good ole’ Christian until he was 18 when he left the church b/c it was too “predictable.” He wanted mystery, the church he attended had no room for mystery. Also, it’s interesting that his best friend growing up was a P.K. You’ll never watch “Brazil,” or “12 Monkeys” or “The Fisher King” the same way I again after checking out the book..I promise. Very interesting read.

  • Levi Nunnink

    A large part of me agrees with Gilliam but I also understand why Christians attack people who blaspheme. (And let’s face it, the humor Gilliam and Co. engage in is often blasphemous)

    I think if someone made a movie about my wife depicting her as a pr*stitute – even if in fun – I would be very angry. Therefore, it seems silly when people mock Jesus (the person Christians pray to every day, the person who has redeemed their lives, the person they should love more than any other) and act like Christians are idiots when offended.

    Nevertheless, such reaction from Christians is wrong. Didn’t Jesus say to expect such a thing? And like Gilliam says, it can do no harm to the faith. We need to become more like Jesus under the mocking of the Roman soldiers than Peter swinging a sword.