Looking Closer Becomes a Cover Story!

The Seattle Times article is up! (… he says, as he crawls under his desk in bewilderment.)

On the front page of the Pacific Northwest Magazine section, it’ll appear just ahead of the headline: Slug Bait No More!

I owe many thanks to the two fellows responsible for this article.

A couple of months ago, I was mysteriously shadowed by Times reporter Richard Seven and photographer Ben Benschneider. They were gracious and generous, and I felt I’d made two new friends. But the whole experience was rather surreal … I’m much more accustomed to being the interviewer, on the other side of the table. They were respectful and full of questions.

Richard wanted to know about the dialogues going on in the church about art and culture. We talked and talked and talked. Somehow, he’s made something coherent and clear out of a lot of rambling conversation. As a writer, I’m very impressed by his ability to distill all of these things we discussed into a single article. (I’m also impressed that Ben was able to make me somewhat presentable in the photographs — that’s no small task!)

So pick up an issue of the Sunday Seattle Times this weekend and look for the Pacific Northwest Magazine section.

Am I excited about this? Hey, if it leads people to the Looking Closer Web site, and if THAT leads them to any kind of rewarding engagement with film, faith, and culture, then it will have been worth it. (Perhaps the best outcome of all? If someone comes to visit Greenlake Presbyterian Church on Sunday.)

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  • Bryan Zug

    Saw the print version yesterday and I must say that it was fantastic to see you as the coverstory on PNW Magazine.

    Very nice photo.

    It also had the prime callout (upper left) on the front page of the paper — thought I was imagining things — epsecially because it was Oscar Sunday.

    Really can’t believe the coverage — not that you don’t deserve it, cause you do — thanks again for your steadfast work

  • mark

    Congratulations. I would say definately well deserved. I found your web site about a year ago and have found it extremely helpful in understanding a segment of society that I had virtually no experience with.

  • kate

    This is wonderful, Jeffrey. Way to make those of us who are attempting to change the conversation on faith and arts proud!

    (By the way, Calvin is launching a weblog pilot program–and my office gets to participate. This article will probably be one of the first things up for discussion!)

  • raymond

    Congratulations! That is very cool!! Well deserved recognition!

  • Jim W

    Congratulations! – that’s quite impressive. Seattle definitely needs to be exposed to positive impressions of intelligent and non-stereotypical Christians like yourself.

  • Nick

    Wow. A thoroughly honest, non-judgmental, non-biased portrait of a decent “C”-“H”-“R”-“I”-“S”-“T”-“I”-“A”-“N” (sh…) in a secular paper. Quite exceptional.

  • Bryan Zug

    Awesome Jeffrey, had no idea this was in the works. Very good. Well done amigo!