And the Denise Levertov award goes to…

News from the house of Wolfe…

Image journal and the Department of English at Seattle Pacific University established the Levertov Award to honor one of the twentieth century’s greatest poets. Levertov, who spent her last years in Seattle , embraced the landscape and culture of the Pacific Northwest. Levertov’s identity as a Christian believer—a pilgrim whose faith was inextricably entwined with doubt—became another important facet of her work, particularly in her later poetry.

The Levertov Award is given annually to an artist or creative writer whose work exemplifies a serious and sustained engagement with the Judeo-Christian tradition

And this year’s award goes to poet Franz Wright.

The ceremony will take place Tuesday, May 17, 7:30 pm, at the Seattle Art Museum.

I also highly recommend you check out Linda Wendling’s presentation: “Why are You Kicking Me? A Second Look at Writing as Vocation.”

There is information about both events at the Image Web site.

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