Spielberg’s New Challenge: No… Not "War of the Worlds"

This is the Spielberg film I can’t wait to see.

It sounds like the most interesting post-Raiders of the Lost Ark project he’s attempted.

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  • jasdye

    Road to Perdition was decent. But not substantial. American Beauty was neither, although pretending to be both and at a superb level of them.

    I couldn’t stand the pretentiousness of the movie. I could never finish it.

  • Gary Scott

    Wimsey is a gas! Wimsey types with an accent! I want Wimsey to meet Greta, the Golden Retriever who has me so well trained. What an excellent understanding of dogs. How do you find this stuff?

  • BethR

    RE: animal blogging:

    1. If I were an animal named Wimsey, I would be able to spell better. Lord Peter is spinning in his fictional grave.

    2. I once had a cat named Wimsey. He disdained cutesiness. Maybe it was the tuxedo…

    3. However, I do have a picture of my current cat on my website. But that’s as far as I’m going.

  • Justin

    For the most part I usually respect your opinion Jeffery, just not this time. How can you call Sam Mendes’ first two films “duds”? I have to agree with Anders on this one. I will admit that “Jarhead’ doesn’t look very appealing, but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it either.

  • Anders

    While he may be right (though I doubt it since I disagree on American Beauty and Road To Perdition), I find it really difficult to get excited about anything Poland ever has to say. As someone who has a high opinion of your thoughts, Jeffrey, would you mind explaining to me exactly what it is you find worthwhile in some of the things that Poland writes, because I just don’t get him.