New Poems by Luci Shaw, Reviewed in Books & Culture

Luci Shaw and Margaret Smith: two good friends of mine, two marvelous poets, two folks who were incredibly generous in helping me finish my book about films.

Both of them are mentioned in Books and Culture today as D.S. Martin reviews Luci’s latest collection of poems: What the Light Was Like

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  • M. Cruz

    This is indeed a sad story and should remind all of us of how much we need Christ and how easy it is to fall.

  • Jeffrey Overstreet


    Because *I* think some Christians will learn something from this. I think the whole event stands as a reminder about the danger of “secret sin,” and about the consequences of lying, for starters. So now you can’t make that claim anymore… you have come across someone who thinks that some Christians will learn from this.

    But wait, you said “Christianists.” I have yet to come across anyone who would identify himself or herself by that title.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I have yet to come across anyone who thinks Christianists will learn anything from the Haggard scandal.

  • Marc

    Good post. “It is about placing hope in Christ…” Amen – we should all keep that in our focus.

    Hang in there. When you strive for excellence in arts and people think you intend to put the Lord to the side you’ll get the accusations of “elitist” and other unsavory remarks. May you continue to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as He guides you to glorifying God through excellent art.

  • Peter T Chattaway

    It occurred to me tonight that this is almost inevitably going to be the subject of a movie. In fact, the pitches are probably already being made.

    Gadzooks, you just reminded me of that TV-movie about Jim Bakker, starring the then-unknown Kevin Spacey. I have never seen it, but there is a clip from it in the documentary The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

  • Anonymous

    Jeffrey, you’re a man of your word. You might also mention the poetry of your associate, Anne…

  • Anonymous

    Hey thanks for the shout-out, Jeffrey. (Are you there, Jeff? It’s me, Margaret.)