The Browser, 6/12: Coldplay’s Chris Martin on Obama; Spike Lee’s next.

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Chris Martin: The Rolling Stone Interview

Coldplay’s main man says:

As soon as Barack Obama becomes president, people will be a bit more optimistic. If Obama was to be president, it would immediately change the whole outside world’s opinion of America overnight. America’s public image at the moment is really bad. And it’s a bummer, because over half of Americans are the coolest people on the planet. But they’ve been so misrepresented.

[Do you think he can win?]

I do. But I think that, really, the fair thing would be, in electing the American president, to let everyone in the world vote, because it affects all of us. If there was a world vote, there’s no question who would win. No question. Of course, Barack Obama is human like the rest of us. He’s going to ***k up. But I’m just trying to look on the bright side. What’s the point of being negative? Where does that get us? It gets you your own radio chat show, but it doesn’t really do anything for the world.

Thanks to David Buckna for the tip.

A glimpse of the new Spike Lee Joint

Here’s a trailer for Miracle at St. Anna. (via Cinematical)

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  • alexburdine


    I think he was talking about people who thought Sanjaya should have won American Idol.

    I could be wrong.


  • genebranaman

    “America‚Äôs public image at the moment is really bad.”

    Spoken like a true rawk star. I don’t choose my policitcal candidates based upon my nation’s current public image than I choose to purchase any particular band’s music based on theirs.

    Wow. Turns out Martin is as shallow as I find his music.

    And before I get snarky, I shall take my leave.

  • jibanez01

    Only if I can vote for your royals, Mr. Martin…

    oh, wait.


  • petertchattaway

    FWIW, more examples of Obama’s strident negativity here and here.

  • oregonmuse

    What’s the point of being negative? Where does that get us?

    Well, in Obama’s case, negativity is primarly what got him on the national stage. He won his senatorial primary race by getting enough of his Democratic opponent’s votes disqualified. He got Republican John Ryan to quit the race by getting a judge to unseal the details of his messy divorce.

    Obama is a product of the Chicago Democratic political machine, which is not exactly known for advancing a positive agenda. Obama’s legislative accomplishments are zero and his experience is pretty much non-existent. His current campaign is a clown parade of gaffes, backtracking, and ignorance. The only thing he is demonstrably good at is running for office.

    It’s actually quite disturbing that such a patently unsuitable candidate has been able to work himself to within a hair’s breadth of the presidency.

  • “…over half of Americans are the coolest people on the planet.” Hmm. I’m guessing I’m part of the other half.

  • chessncoffee

    “let everyone in the world vote”

    Does that mean terrorists too? :-)

  • glennmccarty

    I’m with Peter – one of the things I’ve appreciated about U2’s politics is that they’ve always been about backing issues, not people. They recognize, “Hey, we’re Irish, it’s a little nosy for us to back an American political candidate, since we don’t live there.” But I guess that doesn’t matter to Chris Martin. It’s also a bit frustrating that, for many, the election of the highest office in our country is reduced to a reputation booster, a face-saver…

  • petertchattaway

    “What‚Äôs the point of being negative? Where does that get us?”

    Well, Obama’s campaign certainly got places by being “negative” about “Washington” and the “Old Politics”, never mind that Obama himself is surrounded by Washingtonians and practises old-style politics whenever it suits his purposes.

    And speaking as a non-American myself, I’m quite glad we don’t get to vote in American elections, just as I am glad that y’all don’t get to vote in our elections. Yeah, it can be scary when people like Obama threaten to unilaterally tear up our trade agreements — even though Obama’s people privatedly told our government not to worry, Obama was just being full of hot air so he could win a primary, etc., etc. — but still. Borders are good.