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First, the preview for Revolutionary Road

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It’s 3:26PM on the day after Election Day… and I *still* haven’t heard breaking news that Will Smith will play Obama in a movie about his life.

Any moment now… right?

[checks watch...]

Wait, hold it… what’s this?

Hmmm. Close, but not quite. Where’s Spike Lee? What do you want to bet…? Is he, perhaps, fighting Craig Brewer or John Singleton for the rights?

Which director… of any color… would be best to make this movie?¬†


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  • nickalexander1

    Who would do the best job for the Obamabio?
    Only one name on my list: Jim Sheridan (In America).

  • missionkitchenambition

    (This is Sara Z. – for some reason it lets me comment when I’m logged in under my cooking blog username but not my regular blog username.)

    ANNyway, have you read the book? Amazing. Richard Yates. It’s been years since I read it, but Mad Men feels very much inspired by that book.