Browser:, Pixar Wine, Nick Cave’s Gladiator 2, St. Vincent… and Love.

I’m sorry that things have been slow on the blog lately. I’ve just wrapped up an essay for an upcoming issue of Image, and I’m burning the midnight oil as I revise Raven’s Ladder for an early 2010 publication.

But I’ve collected a few links I thought you might enjoy:


Speaking of Image… is, to my knowledge, the busiest, best, and longest-running online community for people interested in movies, music, visual arts, literature, politics, and faith. I was there for its first manifestation as a discussion board on a film critic’s site.

Then the community moved, and it became the property of Promontory Artists Association, the non-profit arts organization I co-founded.

When other endeavors demanded more of my time, it became clear that the connection with Promontory had run its course. Alan Thomas took the wheel and steered it skillfully for several years. For his hard work and participation there, I’m grateful.

This week, the board moved on again. This time, it has become the property of Image journal. And still, the board remains a thriving, unpredictable, exciting community with many of the same remarkable participants who were there at the beginning.

Check us out at, but note that the board is in a transitional period right now, and is likely to look rather different within a few weeks.


John Lasseter doesn’t just make Pixar movies for us to enjoy. He makes wine too. I love this guy.


Nick Cave thought up a sequel for Gladiator?


New, from St. Vincent! It’s called “Actor Out of Work”

YouTube Preview Image


It’s May, the sun is shining, and love is in the air.
So let’s all tune in to some wise words from Brian “Dr. Love” Volck.

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  • Alexander Field

    Thanks for the great links on this fine May Saturday. Now I’m gonna hop on over to one of your links!