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  • Dan

    Finally saw it tonight. It was excellent. Right on par with Wall-E and Ratatouille, which is amazing. Third year in a row they have produced a fantastic film. And I saw it in 2D; I can’t stand the gimmicky 3D stuff thats being done with nearly all animations now. I find it distracting and done mainly to draw crowds. A movie like UP doesn’t need it to sell at the box office; the quality of the film is more than enough.

  • dax

    OK, you’ve convinced me to see as soon as I’m able.
    Fascinating! \//

  • wngl

    RIght there with you, Jeff: this is one of Pixar’s best.

  • nate

    3D didn’t seem to me to be anything special, if anything it was a little distracting. And if you’re a cheapskate like me, it won’t be worth the extra three dollars my theater charged.

    It was indeed wonderful, though!

  • Joseph

    I was impressed with how non-gimmicky the 3D was.

  • closerlooker

    I saw it in 2D and it was glorious. I look forward to the 3D experience. If pressed, I’d recommend doing that: See it twice and start with 2D so you aren’t distracted from the first encounter with the story.

  • Cori

    That is pretty much a priceless picture.
    And I plan to. :D

  • David Kern


  • Travis

    At long last, we behold the face of joy. ;-)

  • Brian

    Did you see it in 2- or 3-D? And do you have a recommendation which would be better? I think Ebert said stick with 2. Agree?