Congratulations to Tyler Petty, Winner of the “Up” Review Contest!

It was a tough decision.

I liked certain aspects of all three reviews that were submitted, but after some arguing with myself, I decided that Tyler Petty’s review scored the most points with me. I liked his focus on how the film measures up to other family films; how its plot continues to explore themes that were considered in other Pixar films; his willingness to debate Manohla Dargis (I happen to agree with him); and I liked the personal touch.

But really, the contest wasn’t about whether I *agreed*. I happen to agree with most of what these reviewers said. (Sometime this summer, I’ll post my own full review.) It was about presenting a thoughtful, “whole-package” review. And that’s where it became a tough decision. While I’m grateful for the other perspectives, Petty’s felt most complete to me.

Thanks, all, for contributing! Tyler, email me your address. I’ll get the poster out to you within the next week.

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  • Adolfo Rodriguez

    Thanks for doing this, Jeffrey! It was honor just to be nominated? ;)