Inception (2010)

My review of Inception is published in two parts at Good Letters, the Image blog.

Here’s Part One.

And here’s Part Two.


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  • Hey Jeff,

    Thank you for replying to my post! That says a lot about your character…I mean most critics would probably not respond to fan posts i think.

    I liked in your part 2 how you talked about how when you dwelve into fantasy you can lose track of reality. That is definitely a great part of this movie.

    I still disagree though on Fischer’s and Cobb’s story being formulaic. Even though their story backgrounds have been done before, I think they put a good twist on it. (Planting the idea that his father loved him in fisher’s head I thought was really disturbing and powerful. Especially at the end) The way Cobb’s dead wife interrupts during the missions and would threaten adriane was very cool.

    In terms of the pacing i can see what you mean. But I still thought they did a good enough job to make you care for fischer during the second hotel dream world.

    I hope you can maybe enjoy it more on a few more viewings lol…But if not it’s cool….That’s what makes opinions beautiful
    Not everyone’s are going to be the same

    Thanks for listening and peace!

  • Josh, that’s interesting. I’ve believed, for a long time, that Return of the King is the worst of the Rings trilogy. Maybe in my original reviews I said otherwise. I’ll have to check.

    I was very interested in the story of Fischer (Cillian Murphy). Whenever Murphy was onscreen, he made me care about his character. I just felt that the movie moved too fast, and was too frantic, to allow me to think about him much… and if I’m not thinking about him, I don’t have much opportunity to care about him. The film is much more interested in Cobb — that’s what the finale is all about.

    Part of what bugs me about the film is that when we *do* get to the main characters’ personal stories, they’re just so familiar and routine. Fischer’s the heir to the throne, but his father is mean to him, and he just wants love. Been there, done that a zillion times, and this film doesn’t spend enough time to make it feel distinct. Cobb’s lost his wife and he’s burdened with guilt: Okay. There are many films about husbands haunted by “the ghost wife of guilt.”

    I’m glad you enjoyed the film more than I did.

    But Part Two of my review is up now, where I talk about what interested me most.

  • Hey Jeffery

    I’ve been reading your reviews for years and always love them. (Especially you’re review about the Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers and it being the worst in the trilogy)

    But I think this movie isn’t really supposed to be about pure character development. For me the main character arch was cillian murphey’s It was really heartbreaking and powerful and showed the importance of a father’s love in your life(Or the absence of it) I think the other stuff was more designed to make you think. If their had been too much emphasis on the character’s I think people would have lost sight of the concept.

    Plus idk….I though Mal was absolutely stunning and I had an emotional connection to her and her performance. I thought Cobb was an awesome character. I loved seeing him do his persuasion extraction abilities on Fisher and loved how he explained the the way the dream world work. The balcony scene was incredible.

    I thought the characters were perfect the way they were. Their really wasn’t that much character development you could do with them I think