C.S. Lewis on “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Here's Michael Leary with a few thoughts on how C.S. Lewis helps us understand 2001: A Space Odyssey. … [Read more...]

Sam Phillips… at SoulFest??

Sam Phillips is scheduled to take the same stage as Third Day and Rebecca St. James at the Christian music brouhaha Soulfest 2008.And in other news, hell just froze over. … [Read more...]

What’s Your Favorite Last Line of a Novel?

Here's American Book Review with the 100 Best Last Last Lines from Novels.My personal favorite? "Frodo was alive but taken by the enemy." That line still sends chills down my spine when I read it. How could you not go on to read The Return of the King after reading that final note in The Two Towers?In fact, that line was ringing in my mind as I wrote a scene near the conclusion of Cyndere's Midnight, as a particular character's life suddenly takes an alarming new direction... … [Read more...]

“Funny Games,” “The Passion of the Christ,” and Dirty Harry

I should post this as a follow-up to my previous question: "Does anybody want to defend Michael Haneke's Funny Games?"Thanks to Chattaway for finding this article by Gabriel McKee at Religion Dispatches: … [Read more...]

Anyone want to defend "Funny Games"?

¬†Michael Haneke's Code Unknown is among my all-time top ten favorite films. Cache and Time of the Wolf are favorites also. But I can't bring myself to go see Funny Games when it's getting reviews like these. … [Read more...]

Eddie Izzard in NYT

My favorite comedian is featured today in The New York Times. Best article about him I've seen since he was interviewed by Bono for The Independent. … [Read more...]

Auralia’s Colors – A Second Printing, A New Look


Auralia's Colors is coming back to bookstores in April as it enters its second printing.It has a revised cover.And it will come with a preview chapter from Cyndere's Midnight.If you go looking for it in Barnes and Noble in April, you may be pleasantly surprised. You may find it featured on the Buy 2 Get 1 Free table. For a bargain, you can pick up a copy, and two extras to give as gifts.Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Best Movie Review of 2008? Most Likely!

¬†You're not likely to read a more enjoyable and hilarious movie review all year than this one...Steven Greydanus serves up a rhyming extravaganza in praise of Horton Hears a Who. … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss “Longford”

Looking for a great movie to rent this weekend?Jim Broadbent, Samantha Morton, Andy Serkis... Longford.Check it out. Here's my capsule review. … [Read more...]

Actress Samantha Morton’s Greatest Triumph

Wow.  (A tip of the hat to GreenCine Daily.) … [Read more...]