Steve Brown: A Wild and Crazy Guy

"Steve Brown Etc." is not your typical Christian radio program. And Steve Brown is not your typical host. (In fact, because I appeared on his program on my day off, he granted me "three free sins." Bonus!) … [Read more...]

LA Weekly critics hail "There Will Be Blood" as a film of historic significance

LA Weekly critics love Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood: As for There Will Be Blood, about which you will be reading much more in the pages of the Weekly over the coming weeks, I will say only this: There are great films (like No Country For Old Men) and then there are films that send shock waves through the very landscape of cinema, that instantly stake a claim on a place in the canon. Often, such vanguard works fail to be fully understood or appreciated at the moment they first … [Read more...]

“Don’t Do Anything” on February 26

Here's the news to make all Sam Phillips fans look forward to the new year... Nonesuch Records will also release a new Sam Phillips album called Don't Do Anything on February 26, even if you have it marked down as January 29. This is a new direction for Sam as she produces the album herself and moves into a more rock element than previous works have shown. Thanks to Jim Bricker for the link! … [Read more...]

Mr. Lazarescu is Dead

You might have seen The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, one of the most unforgettable films I saw last year. It follows the last hours of an old man who needs urgent medical care. … [Read more...]

Waitress (2007)


Fans of Firefly and Serenity, don’t despair. The charismatic Nathan Fillion may have a bright big-screen future ahead of him.In Waitress, Fillion is fantastic as Dr. Pomatter, the amorous doctor who comes to the rescue when a pregnant and perturbed young beauty named Jenna, played by Keri Russell, finds herself in a nightmare marriage.But there’s a problem. Both Jenna and her good doctor are married — Jenna to a hard-hearted, self-absorbed monster called Earl (Jeremy Sisto), and Pomatter … [Read more...]

Catholic Bishops Withdraw Review of “The Golden Compass”

Golden Compass

Wow.I thought the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops' rave review of The Golden Compass was remarkably short-sighted. (You can still read the review in this cached page at Google.) … [Read more...]

Prayers for Colorado

If you haven't seen these news stories, take note: We should be praying for those harmed (in any way) by gunfire in Colorado today.Story here, and here. … [Read more...]

This Weekend: What to See?

I've just seen Lars and the Real Girl, a film that I've been trying to get across town to see for weeks. Fortunately, Anne got to come along. And we both fell head over heels in love with it. I haven't cried for joy at the conclusion of a movie in a long, long time.If you haven't seen it, make plans before it disappears. It's a tender-hearted, deeply moving comedy that is full of insight about abandonment, loneliness, and the healing power of love. And it contains an admirably respectful … [Read more...]

Another Post About “Juno”

I saw Juno again last night.And I went from liking it to loving it. It really is something special... and I'm not going to complain about Paste magazine picking it as their #1 movie of the year. It's not my #1 movie of the year, but it deserves a big audience and a heap of praise. It's the best thing showing at the multiplex this weekend. It's not for kids, but for discerning adults, it's a surprisingly tender-hearted comedy about teen pregnancy, family, true love, and orange … [Read more...]

The Kindlings Muse: A conversation about… yeah, you guessed it…

Okay, my apologies to those who are sick of hearing about The Golden Compass. … [Read more...]