Highlights from Image: Amazing Grace; Bono and Christian music

This new Image blog? I'm loving it. Brave, thought-provoking, substantial¬†new material every week.Check out A.G. Harmon's skepticism regarding the celebrated movie Amazing Grace.And Lukas Kwong's excellent consideration of church music and the Christian musician. Should Christian musicians be following Bono's example? Is Sufjan Stevens a good role model? … [Read more...]

Back from Laity Lodge

Laity Lodge is just as remote and beautiful as I was told. Anne and I enjoyed an inspiring weekend of food, conversation, reading, and movies with dear old friends and inspiring new friends. I spoke about that turbulent territory where faith and filmmaking intersect, and then I shared two films that inspired good conversations: The Station Agent, and Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control. Anne gave a poetry reading, just one of several delightful readings by the guests.(Hey Martin, I got to know … [Read more...]


The world may have to find a way to go on without any new blog posts from me for a few days.I'm on my way to a small gathering of Christian writers.I have the privilege of being invited to speak to the Chrysostom Society, and this year, that small assembly will include Luci Shaw and John Hoyte, John Wilson of Books and Culture, Scott Cairns, Eugene Peterson, Richard Foster, Diane Glancy, and others whose writing has been inspirational to me. I am both intimidated by the thought of … [Read more...]

What Does Movieguide Really Want?

At Christ and Pop Culture, Movieguide reportedly has "the last word."Here's what they want: We support a return to the Moral Code of Decency and the vetting of all scripts for movies going to public theater and DVD retail within 20 years, if not in 3-5 years. That would probably include the elimination of all R-rated and NC-17 content as well as most PG-13 content. We also look forward to Christian/biblical hegemony within the industry. If this ministry had much more support, our progress … [Read more...]

Michael Leary’s Film-think; “No Country” Re-examined

Nobody I know takes the question "What is Christian film criticism?" more seriously than Michael Leary. And so I'm thrilled to find him starting up a new site ... film-think where he's posting his thoughts on movies.Check out recent posts on … [Read more...]

Beauty! Beauty! Beauty!

Contrary to what some of the reviews have claimed, I am not writing The Auralia Thread to preach a message, to allegorize the Gospel, or to entertain. I wrote Auralia's Colors because it gave me a way to explore the powerful mystery of Beauty.Storytelling gives me a way to ask, in all kinds of ways, why I am drawn again and again to beauty, nourished by it, transformed by it... if the world is a meaningless accident. And Cyndere's Midnight is proving to be another worthwhile journey for me … [Read more...]

The Best Films of 2007 – according to the Faith and Film Critics Circle

Ratatouille, Into Great Silence, Lars and the Real Girl and... yes... There Will Be Blood all won awards in the Faith and Film Critics Circle awards for 2007, announced yesterday at The Matthews House Project.There were also ties in the Best Supporting Actor and Actress contests.Discover the winners here. (Go to "Announcing the Best of 2007.")Which critics voted in the final round?Steven GreydanusRob JohnstonCatherine BarsottiGreg Wr … [Read more...]

Gregory Wolfe on William F. Buckley, Jr.

At the new Image blog, Gregory Wolfe, editor of Image, eulogizes William F. Buckley Jr., who happened to be his "first boss." … [Read more...]

100 Writers of Faith

Thanks to the folks at Image for this: … [Read more...]

Brad Bird, Master of “Ratatouille,” “The Incredibles,” and “The Iron Giant,” Goes Back to 1906

Here's Paste on what may be Pixar's first live-action movie... 1906. … [Read more...]