Looking Closer’s Film Forum: “28 Weeks Later”

Is 28 Weeks Later just another sequel designed to cash in on the success of its predecessor, 28 Days Later? Is is just a bunch of bloody action, or is there something meaningful going on here?As a big fan of the first film -- an extremely violent film by Danny Boyle (director of Millions) that was thought-provoking and haunting -- I'm eager to see if this sets the bar even higher for zombie movies, or if it's just recklessly indulgent.I'm encouraged by the review at Crosswalk. Christian … [Read more...]

Darren Hughes at The San Francisco International Film Festival

Your chances of finding a great film at the multiplex are probably much slimmer than your chances of finding one at the San Francisco International Film Festival.Darren Hughes was there, and here are his summations of a few films he saw there. I'll be adding several of these to my must-see, or must-rent, list. … [Read more...]

Comparing Robert Bresson and Flannery O’Connor

The new issue of Senses of Cinema sounds is a feast of thought-provoking essays.Not only does it have a feature on the long, slow emergence of Blade Runner as a classic, but it features four essays on Robert Bresson... including one that asks us to consider the correlation of Bresson's filmmaking and Flannery O'Connor's writing. They express their faith through images and characters and styles that only seem faithless and without reverence. Initially, in O’Connor especially, this comes off a … [Read more...]

Hal Hartley Hearts Terrence Malick

As a huge fan of Hal Hartley's The Unbelievable Truth, Trust, Simple Men, and Henry Fool, I can't wait to see his Henry Fool sequel, Fay Grim. Here he is talking about it with to Choire Sicha in a special for The LA Times: Sicha: It's a crucial component to "Fay Grim" that Fay goes off and becomes involved with the drama of Europe.Hartley: I wanted Fay to be the representative American of a certain type: well-intentioned but ill-informed. This is a story of her getting tossed into the wider … [Read more...]

Your Deepest Impulse

Opus is meditating on a profound passage from The Screwtape Letters. And you can meditate with him, free of charge. I recommend it. … [Read more...]

Darrel Manson reads "Through a Screen Darkly"

Full disclosure: Darrel Manson, who writes for HollywoodJesus.com, is a friend as well as a colleague.But I'm glad he's read Through a Screen Darkly, and he's posted some thoughts about that here. … [Read more...]

Poet Anne Overstreet Reading Tomorrow Night in Seattle

My favorite poet, Anne Overstreet, will be reading tomorrow night as just one participant in an evening full of art... at The Thread.To convince you that I'm a huge fan of Anne's work, there's this: I married her. So unless I'm hit by a train, I'll be there cheering. … [Read more...]

“Sophie Scholl” Wins an Award from the Evangelical Press… Sorta.

How am I supposed to understand my purpose here when, regularly writing about movies that most evangelicals would never bother to watch, I'm suddenly given an Evangelical Press Award for reviewing a little-known foreign film directed by an atheist?Many thanks to the folks who enjoyed this review and gave me this honor. I'm surprised and delighted! … [Read more...]

So it continues: Are Christians a niche audience?

Readers are responding to my recent article at Christianity Today Movies: Christians as a Niche Market? … [Read more...]

On the Radio with Steve Brown, Kim Jeffries

Tune in to Steve Brown Etc.  We're talking about examining beauty, truth, and evil at the movies... and thus we're talking about Through a Screen Darkly.And later: Kim Jeffries at Along the Way. … [Read more...]