Come Have a Pint at The Eagle and Child.

Yep.I have another blog.I'm going for some kind of world record.I'm really excited about this one. It will give me a chance to invite you to meet some of the most interesting people I know in the world of artmaking.Ever since I visited The Eagle and Child, the pub where the Inklings gathered to discuss their work, I've wanted to start a website with that title. And now... since I really have nothing else to do (choke, cough)... I've started a blog where I'll be hosting … [Read more...]

Steven D. Greydanus at Decent Films Notes “Through a Screen Darkly”

A big "Thank you!" to Steven Greydanus, one of my favorite film critics, for being so kind as to highlight Through a Screen Darkly in his latest batch of answers to inquiries at his Decent Films website.When someone asked for a recommendation of a book about Christian perspectives on film, Greydanus answered: Jeff doesn’t just tell you whether or not he liked a movie. He offers you a seat next to him as the movie unfolds and he points out and reflects on the things that thrill, fascinate or … [Read more...]

Terry Mattingly on Two Words: “FOX” and “Faith”

Terry Mattingly looks at what happened to* The Ultimate Gift when it was tagged with the term "Fox Faith." … [Read more...]

Peter Chattaway on “For The Bible Tells Me So”

At the Arts and Faith conversation, Peter T. Chattaway reveals that he has seen For The Bible Tells Me So, a documentary about homosexuals and their experience in the church. … [Read more...]

Yi-Yi (A One and a Two) (2000)

yi yi

2007 Update: In honor of the recently departed Edward Yang, let me nudge you toward picking up Criterion's glorious edition of the late filmmaker's masterful film Yi-Yi (A One and a Two). Here's a look back at my original response to the film from 2000. I was effusive in my praise then, and were I to rewrite this review, I'd be even more enthusiastic. … [Read more...]

Opus in Awe

Jason "Opus" Morehead is sharing his renewed sense of wonder. … [Read more...]

What’s Your Favorite Movie Poster?

Here's a look at the top-grossing movie posters of all-time, divided up by their MPAA rating. (Thanks, Stuart Blessman.) … [Read more...]

Specials: Harry Potter; Mother Teresa; Wilson on Atheism Books; Cummings on Satyajit Ray

I'm a week late to this blog entry, but wow... Andy Whitman writes about music better than just about anybody I know. And now he's posted a home-run entry about Harry Potter.-Yesterday I posted news about the new book on Mother Teresa. Here's more on Mother Teresa's dark night of the soul, from Amy Wellborn.-Here's a list you haven't seen before: John Wilson, the voracious reader who edits Books and Culture, rates his top five books on atheism. Know before you … [Read more...]

The Passion of Sean Gaffney

God bless Sean Gaffney.He's been hosting auditions for his church drama group.Seems like a simple enough job, doesn't it?Oh, no, no, no.Judging auditions is a very complicated job. And judging them for a church drama group can be hell on earth.Sean's story will be familiar to many of you who have struggled with being an artist in the church.Here's the riveting Part One...... and he's just posted Part Two, in which he dares to consider what the Bible has to say about … [Read more...]

Is Ned Flanders Your Role Model?

Here's Peter T. Chattaway musing about just how much Ned Flanders' role in The Simpsons Movie has impressed some Christian media personalities.Is Ned *your* role model? … [Read more...]