My Review(s) of Over the Rhine’s “The Trumpet Child”

Earlier, I had indicated that my review of Over the Rhine's The Trumpet Child, which arrived in stores on August 21, would be in "the next issue of Christianity Today."Apparently I misunderstood. I've just received the new issue, and the music page focuses on something different. The Over the Rhine review will be in the issue arriving in about four more weeks, for October. I'm sorry... my bad.In the meantime, Christianity Today is offering another review of the album, one written by Russ … [Read more...]

Your Daily Dose of Flannery

WARNING: Yesterday's blog entry by Abraham Piper (on John Piper's blog) is wired to explode and shake up the sensibilities of Christians in the arts everywhere.He's armed with combustible quotes from Flannery O'Connor... the kind of truth that can start fires.Proceed with caution. You just might become inspired. And who knows what might happen as a result. … [Read more...]

Today at Noon at Seattle Pacific University…

Today at Noon at Seattle Pacific University, I'll be reading from Through a Screen Darkly, answering questions, and prodding people to share a movie or two that has been personally meaningful for them.It's free. You're welcome to join us on the second floor of the SPU Library, in the Library Seminar Room. … [Read more...]

The Dark Knight’s big explosion

Director Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Prestige) just blew up a building in Chicago! … [Read more...]



6 days untilarrives in stores and mailboxes everywhere! Details about ordering, reviews, and how to join me for the celebration parties, are here. Forgive me, but I'm a little excited about this. I've dreamed about this since I was, oh, what... five? … [Read more...]

Church Play Auditions: The Heartbreaking Saga of Sean Gaffney Continues

Did you miss Parts One and Two of Sean Gaffney's series about art, excellence, and Christians who throw tantrums when someone tells them they're not good enough for the church play?When you've read those... … [Read more...]

Matt Zoller Seitz on Owen Wilson

Here's a piece on Owen Wilson that's so much better than the wave of tabloid hysteria over the movie star's current crisis. … [Read more...]

“Chariots of Fire” Sequel In the Works

I spoke with a film producer several months ago about his new endeavor... a sequel to Chariots of Fire.The premise for the film was interesting and based on the true story of what happened in the lives of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams after their Olympic victories.And now, the project is far enough along that the news is starting to spread. … [Read more...]

Christ the Canceled

Looks like creative differences have buried the big-screen version of Anne Rice's Christ the Lord... at least with Good News Holdings.I have a hunch that it'll rise again. … [Read more...]

Album review: The Ragbirds, "Wanderlove"

¬† I've been listening to the new album by The Ragbirds for a few weeks now, and it's been growing on me. So I'm ready to report...First: Listen to new songs by The Ragbirds here, on their MySpace page. When Yes Nearby danced its way like a whirling dervish into stereos two years ago, The Ragbirds won themselves some enthusiastic new fans. Then, as if to prove that they could bring their shapeshifting style to the stage, the band released an energetic live recording: Catching Fi … [Read more...]