A Few Words from Geoffrey S. Deweese

Stopped over at the blog of my dear friend Geoffrey Deweese, a military attorney stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington; husband of my longtime friend Melody Fields, and father of two newborn twins, and two more beautiful children.I remember when Geoffrey wrote for Seattle Pacific's student newspaper. He has always been a guy with a heart as big or bigger than his formidable intellect. His job is challenging, and his courage is great. He and Melody are making a big difference in many … [Read more...]

Farewell to the Storyteller Who Imagined the Horned King

Lloyd Alexander was one of the fantasy authors who inspired me to write story after story as I was growing up.He died last Friday, and I didn't learn about it until today. What a loss. Alexander's The Prydain Chronicles remains one of the great achievements in fantasy writing... not just for children, but for anyone. The Horned King became a permanent fixture in my nightmares long before Disney's lousy (but visually enthralling) adaptation The Black Cauldron. … [Read more...]

Your Favorite Monster

Horned King

I'm "in the zone." I've "jumped a train." I'm hanging on to the story while it charges ahead.The sequel to Auralia's Colors has the tentative title Cyndere's Midnight. And I'm going to be writing it on lunch breaks, coffee breaks, evenings, and weekends between now and the end of June.It's a "fairy tale for grownups"... a sort of Pan's Labyrinth meets The Island of Dr. Moreau meets... um, would you believe Three Colors: Blue?Anyway, here's how you can help: Tell me about your … [Read more...]

Tolkien would not be pleased.

At the beginning of the trailer for The Golden Compass, New Line boasts about its wildly successful Lord of the Rings franchise. (Interesting, since their president has nothing good to say about Peter Jackson, and won't let him make The Hobbit.)As the trailer opens, we see the Ring of Power.And then, to promise us something of equal importance, New Line displays the One Ring transforming into the "aletheometer," an instrument in The Golden Compass that supposedly "tells the … [Read more...]

“No Country for Old Men” – “Staggering,” “The Coen’s Best Dark Film Ever”

Oh, but I do hate to say "I told you so."Jeffrey Wells is reeling, raving, overwhelmed by the new Coen Brothers' movie.This is going to be a difficult test of my patience. I'm going nuts here. I've got to see this thing.And check out this review by Charles Ealy: ... nothing short of brilliant.... Javier Bardem ably captures the pathological menace of Chigurh ... And Tommy Lee Jones, in one of his finest performances, stars as Sheriff Bell, the beleaguered lawman who is only able … [Read more...]

Crown Video asks about "Through a Screen Darkly"

Here's the latest online interview I've done about Through a Screen Darkly.Tim Willson of Crown Video asked me some questions. … [Read more...]

Revealing Interview with Arcade Fire’s Win and Regine

You may have already heard Arcade Fire saying some of these things in other interviews, but this is worth reading anyway.I would post some excerpts, but if I start clipping my favorite parts, I'll end up clipping most of the interview. … [Read more...]

I’ve Survived the “Steve Brown, Etc” show!

Did you hear my conversation with the wild and crazy guys on the Steve Brown, Etc. show?That's okay. It's right here. Just try and believe your ears. There's no radio show quite like this on Christian radio in my town. … [Read more...]

Commonweal on “Into Great Silence”

The new issue of Commonweal includes one columnist's thoughts on Philip Gröning's Into Great Silence and the Viriginia Tech massacre. The writer (I can't find his name on the page) says, The film has been a huge hit, not only in New York but also in allegedly secular Europe. Its success reminds me of the rave reviews given to Marilynne Robinson’s wonderful, quiet, and unabashedly Christian novel Gilead. There is a spiritual hunger that goes deep. Some of its expressions can be shallow, but the n … [Read more...]

“The Tale of Despereaux”: Promising Signs

One of my favorite children's books... no, scratch that. One of my favorite books is being adapted into an animated feature.And I'm very nervous. Can the filmmakers do the story justice? The Tale of Despereaux is such a delicate, exquisite story. It'll be as tough to capture as the tone of Winnie the Pooh. And... like the best children's books... it holds just as much treasure, or more, for grownups as it does for kids. … [Read more...]