The Polar Express (2004)

This review was originally published at Christianity Today.-It the beginning of a Seattle screening of The Polar Express, when the locomotive of the title arrived in cacophonous glory, it frightened a girl—probably four years old—near the front of the theatre. She launched from her seat and fled up the aisle, her flustered mother following along. That dazzling train must have been quite a shock for the little tyke, who was probably accustomed to watching cartoons on the family tele … [Read more...]

Barbara Nicolosi on Civility, Despite Our Differences

But she does say this... … [Read more...]

U2 Update: Sunday Times

The Sunday Times takes us behind the scenes for one-on-one interviews with each member of U2. … [Read more...]

Email from a Reader re: The Death of Theo Van Gogh

I posted the news about Theo Van Gogh's murder, and quickly received this interesting reply that fills in more of the picture. With the writer's permission, I'd like to share it with you: ... I want you to know a little bit more about Theo van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker who was murdered last Tuesday in Amsterdam. (By the way, I'm from the Netherlands.)I conclude from your comment on the "Michael Moore's ego" post [which has since been deleted for other reasons - Jeffrey] that Theo van Gogh … [Read more...]

The Murder of Van Gogh

Andrew Sullivan puts the spotlight on details that should not be ignored. [Update: 2004 posts by Sullivan were not archived on the site, so I'm posting it here in its entirety.] THE MURDERER OF VAN GOGH: No, I'm not letting go of this story. When a film-maker in a liberal Western country is shot, has his throat cut and then has a long manifesto pinned into his flesh with a knife in broad daylight, more people need to be concerned. Now it turns out that the murderer, who had completely blended … [Read more...]

The Incredibles: My Review and the Decent Films Review

Here's my review of The Incredibles.Here's Steven D. Greydanus's review of The Incredibles.What more do you need to know? Go see it! … [Read more...]

Get out and vote … on Friday … for The Incredibles

This Friday, the unthinkable happens ...We get a superhero movie that's so good, it rivals Spider-man 2 as the best superhero movie of the year. … [Read more...]


I saw Woman, Thou Art Loosed just a couple of hours before seeing Ray, and wow, what a combination. … [Read more...]

"Ray" pretty much guarantees that Jamie Foxx will win an Oscar.

I'm giving Ray a B+.Foxx ... just give him the Oscar now. … [Read more...]

Laws of sequels: Item 231a

Laws of sequels: Item 231aA sequel must introduce the father, or at least a close family relation, of one of the first film's main characters. … [Read more...]